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FeedMyFaceWithJaffaCakes Sat 19-Nov-16 19:34:49


DP and I talking weddings (again)
Anyone got any suggestions for venues that cater for small weddings in Oxfordshire area?
Our guest list is around 50 people smile
We ideally want a afternoon thing and to get married and a tea party or picnic thing in the same place!

Thank you in advance! X

BackforGood Sat 19-Nov-16 23:01:58

Might get more of the right people reading your request for help if you post on the local board smile

FeedMyFaceWithJaffaCakes Sat 19-Nov-16 23:16:08

Thanks smile x

OrlandaFuriosa Sat 19-Nov-16 23:20:21

It depends on how much you want to spend...

Fairly expensive, Randolph, in Oxford itself and the old parsonage, then the Feathers and Bear in Woodstock,

I liked the Bear and Ragged Staff in Cumnor for more formal taking elderlies out to lunch..

The perch in binsey is nice, I think, or it was, ditto the trout at Godstow and the white hart at wytham, I haven't checked for numbers. ,

A little further out still, look at The Bell in Charlbury, haven't been there for years, but was ok then.

What used to be the four pillars and us now I think called the Oxford spires is fairly standard

Then there's Raymond Blanc's Manoir...

OrlandaFuriosa Sun 20-Nov-16 00:18:03

The tea time thingy might be a bit difficult with thus one, but for something v different, the Ashmolean museum does weddings..

Candlestickchick Sun 20-Nov-16 21:09:39

Worton Hall has a ceremony room and barn, and also outdoor fields where you can have a picnic!

FeedMyFaceWithJaffaCakes Mon 21-Nov-16 07:46:29

Thank you everyone for your suggestions, writing all these down!

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