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*calling all spice girls fans* Maid Of Honour Wedding Toast

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emmalou1212 Wed 22-Jul-15 14:42:36


first post :-)

I have to do a speech on my sisters wedding day and i have hit a mental block.

myself and the other maids have created a song based on Wannabe for us to 'sing' at the reception (this isnt the first creative speech we have done )

however we wanted to start with a little speech before going into our song

what i was looking to do is use spice girls lyrics/song titles in the speech creatively i.e

two become one
viva forever
spice up your life
say youll be there
naver give up on the good times
next generation etc

the bride is called Heather and the Groom is called Rej

can anyone help me think of some appropriate sentances that these could squeeze in?

Thank you in advance guys smile star

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