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How are you addressing guests on your place cards?

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ColdTeaAgain Wed 24-Jun-15 14:05:58

Sorry for the ridiculous question but I am at that stage where I'm getting in a flap over the most stupid things grin

I have noticed we have quite a few guests that share same first name with someone else, is it correct to put just the persons first name on their place card or their full name?

Also what about aunties and uncles? Do I put "Auntie Name"? Or just their name?

Help! confused

TarquinMoriartyGruntfuttockII Wed 24-Jun-15 14:59:54

We just put first name and last name and just about every wedding I've ever been to has had first name and last name.

gabsdot45 Thu 25-Jun-15 15:15:53

I would just use first names and if more than one person has the same name then use the initial of their surname.

lentilpot Thu 25-Jun-15 15:20:29

I did full names on the table plan and just first names on place cards. We also had two inside joke names on place cards (eg. An uncle I've always called Royston even though it's not his name)

Creatureofthenight Sat 27-Jun-15 18:18:35

I used full names on place cards and table plans as had several people with same names.

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