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Best summer for 42 years......

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Justkeeprollingalong Tue 21-Aug-18 00:22:31

Anyone else remember 1976?

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MercianQueen Tue 21-Aug-18 00:28:45

My mum does. She's never forgiven me for her being pregnant with me throughout 😂

Yesterdayizdone1 Tue 21-Aug-18 09:08:49

It's been fab

badger2005 Tue 21-Aug-18 14:29:22

I have really enjoyed it so far... lots of fun! But I feel scared about why it has happened... been reading about greenland and the icebergs... what is going on?!

TerryTucker Tue 21-Aug-18 19:23:08

It's called a solar minimum

OhYouBadBadKitten Wed 22-Aug-18 08:08:04

If the solar cycle does have an impact on climate then it would be expected that a solar minimum would decrease the heat input and the climate would be cooler than expected.

Global weather patterns are very unusual this year, you can probably/possibly trace it back to the sudden stratospheric warming event that occurred early this year.

However, the planet is trending hotter and so it would be expected that extreme events become more extreme.

NonaGrey Wed 22-Aug-18 08:09:19

My Mum does too! I apparently spent the summer running away from clothes. grin

badger2005 Wed 22-Aug-18 11:27:02

It's nice to have a good summer, but how can we enjoy it when it means something alarming (as kitten seems to be saying)?

Nixen Wed 22-Aug-18 11:27:57

I’ve hated it but then I am nearly 39 weeks pregnant and live in the south east

fieryginger Wed 22-Aug-18 11:42:19

I remember 1976. This summer has been lovely. I usually love the Autumn but, in the summer, the garden becomes another room, I'm feeling sad that it'll start to wind down and get colder and darker.

The October - February gloom is depressing, not even the cold, but the lack of light.

badger2005 Wed 22-Aug-18 12:36:15

I totally agree fieryginger. I have really enjoyed the summer, and we have made the most of it.

I do like autumn too though and winter... all the seasons in fact!

How are you all coping with the worry about what the hot summer means (in terms of climate change)? I am doing some tiny things to help (I could always do more) but the sense I get from the press is that it is all too little, too late. Will there come a time when we hate the summer?

Nixen sorry about the combination of pregnancy and heat. I bet you will enjoy the autumn and winter snuggling up with your newborn!

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