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magie73 Thu 02-Dec-10 13:43:29

For those without a thermastat on their heating...

I was reading another thread on heating and they were talking about thermastat controlled heating. Some people I know have older heaters (still working very well) but are having to self regulate the heating.

So I just wondered what you do.

Do you put the heating on:
1. as and when you feel cold
2. at set times for a set duration

If 2. when and how long?

Which do you think will be cheaper long term and more confortable for you and your child in this very cold weather?

grumpybrusselsprout Thu 02-Dec-10 13:47:03

Watching with interest as I am in the same position. At the moment I have the heating on timed (a few hours morning and evening) and then push the 1hour boost as needed. However, yesterday was freeeeeezing so had it on all day and night! blush
But had a sore throat when I woke up.
I also have a baby with a very snotty nose and want to keep her toasty warm.
Am dreading the bills though!

OhYouBadBadKitten Thu 02-Dec-10 14:19:58

We have ours on 6am-8pm set at 18C. Not for cost reasons, but because thats what we find most comfy.

nicolamumof3 Thu 02-Dec-10 14:54:14

i have mine on the lowest setting possible 24hrs atm and have for at least a week. Gives a background heat. We then heat the two main living rooms with open log/coal fire.

grumpybrusselsprout Thu 02-Dec-10 18:24:09

I can't make mine go on a "low setting" as its either on or off. We have a thermostat in the hall but it does not seem to have any connection to the heating system! Also we have to top up the water level by turning the valve every now and again as it seems to lose water somewhere (but no apparant leaks).
Ah the joy of moving house and then trying to figure out the appliances! grin

magie73 Thu 02-Dec-10 19:27:30

Sorry if I was confusing, but I'm curious for those WITHOUT a thermostat and no other forms of heating other than the main heater.

I've read on posts it's cheaper to keep it on all the time but others state the opposite.

This is going to be a long and very cold winter so it'd make a lot of difference to people's spending power.

nicolamumof3 Thu 02-Dec-10 19:50:36

we don't have a thermostat on the wall, we just have one on the boiler which heats the water and heating seperately from either 1 (the lowest) to 9. we have it on 1. Water's on about 4.

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