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Just started weaning - DS now has tummy bug...

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AnnetteTwitcher Mon 05-Oct-09 20:19:16

Hello All
DS (27 wks) has just begun weaning - have done mix of spoon feeding and little finger foods - all with the baby led approach of letting him eat/play with food as much as he wants and he has LOVED it and eaten loads. But he's had 10+ foul nappies a day for 2 days and today he was massively sick 3 times. He's been to doctors who's diagnosed mild tummy upset.
I've gone back to pure ff diet whilst he recovers but am interested in yr thoughts on whether I've been too gung-ho and overloaded his system - he's been offered (and gladly troughed!) the following in past week:
rice cakes
sml amount of cheddar & dairylea
well cooked egg
mashed reduced salt/sugar baked beans

Having read advice I thought a varied diet from the outset was fine if you wait until 26 wks +

Should I go back a few steps & offer only very bland food or just chalk it up to typical childhood bugs? I feel so guilty blush


TanteRose Tue 06-Oct-09 05:44:55

Hmm, that sounds like an awful lot of food, and huge variety for just one week.
I was under the impression that you should introduce one food at a time (like banana) and only give that for a few days, before moving onto something else...

I would slow down a bit if I were you smile

Hope your DS is feeling better soon smile

AnnetteTwitcher Tue 06-Oct-09 08:36:22

He wasn't eating entire pancakes or anything (just little strips!) and i only gave solids once or twice a day but agree it does look like a lot.

He loved everything and was picking things up and trying it all which was brilliant but I think you may be right to suggest slowing down.

He's much better today though thanks!

Carrie06 Tue 06-Oct-09 08:49:06

I don't think I would give a baby that young baked beans even if reduced salt/sugar - not really sure why but I would consider baked beans as processed food and as they can cause wind in adults, might be harder on a baby's tummy. Glad he is feeling better.

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