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not sure what I am doing! (24 weeks)

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lizmcfizz Fri 18-Sep-09 10:43:24

My son is 24 weeks old and EX BF. He was a big baby and about 3 weeks ago his behaviour changed - erratic feeding at the breast, coming off before I felt he'd had the hind milk, waking three times in the night instead of one/two, not smiling much (he is usually very smiley). Anyway, told the HV and she advised starting him on baby rice (so I did, just a bit after breakfast). But it didn't feel right, he wasn't able to take it into his mouth very well and it didn't make any difference to the nights. So I stopped and have been persevering with the breastfeeding and making sure he feeds as much as he wants and for as long as he wants. However, he is now more or less sitting, doesn't seem that satisfied after a breastfeed, grabs the spoon off me, eyes up my food and I sense he is ready to try.
So I am starting with baby rice in the morning, followed by a short feed for thirst. Is this right? (he's already had a full wake up breastfeed) but then at tea time I am giving him stuff to suck off our plates cooked carrot baton, potato, broccoli etc)and watching him carefully. He loves it! I think this is kind of blw too...? Don't really know what I am doing anymore. Anyone in a similar situation or have any general advice as to how to progress? Sorry for long post....

lizmcfizz Fri 18-Sep-09 10:46:02

He could have been teething at 21 weeks I suppose, though no teggies yet...

Gemzooks Fri 18-Sep-09 13:00:24

you sound like you're doing very well, just make sure you're offering the milk first and introducing the solids very gradually and conservatively... just don't drop the milk down too much.. also try baby oat porridge... I have a 25 week old and going more down the pureed veg and fruit route, but also let her pick things up and chew them... I started expressing at lunchtime and supplementing his teatime bf with that, as I get very low on milk at bedtime (have 3 year old DS as well). good luck, sounds like you're doing all the right things, key is lots of milk still, and enjoying exploring solid food..

laweaselmys Fri 18-Sep-09 20:06:50

I think a lot of babies get very wiggly on the boob at this stage. They are just starting to realise that their is so much else they could be seeing and doing and it takes a while for them to get back to realising they are hungry and need to concentrate on the breast!

There is lots of information about BLW around here. Although it sounds like you are doing fine, I assume your baby is 5 1/2mths? I would stick to fruit and veg until he is six months.

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