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BLW at 5 months???

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GruffaloSoldier Tue 08-Sep-09 23:02:16


so I have the BLW book and was all prepared to start at 6 months, not in any rush. Fine, great stuff!

Oh, except my DS (5 months next week) decides that is a month and 1 week too early and swiped my toast as I was eating it today and started chewing it! Ok, so I wrestled it off him and he didnt seem that bothered but he continued to watch me like a hawk and continued to lunge for every mouthful. He was pratically crawling over me to get to my plate. I not eat infront of him until 6 months now, or do I give in and let him decide? Please help I just want to do the right thing by and him and not give him any nasty allerges!

I have done some research on web and there is mixed response about readiness before the magic 6 months.


you Wed 09-Sep-09 10:06:05

AFAIK if they are able to grab, chew and swallow food, their gut is mature enough to handle it. You can just put a few bits and bobs (stick with fruit and veg till 6 months) on a tray in front of him and see what happens smile

GruffaloSoldier Wed 09-Sep-09 15:30:26

Great thanks! I have read this too. I think maybe I will just give him a floret of broccoli when we eat later and see what happens. I very much doubt that he is going to eat much anyway. I will just let him have a play

BertieBotts Fri 11-Sep-09 23:49:33

We did this DS started at 22 weeks. I don't think he swallowed a whole lot to begin with.

DrJen Sat 12-Sep-09 20:56:30

DS was 1 week over 5 months & I lost breakfast 2 mornings in a row to him, followed by a right tantrum because he couldnt have a piece of my sandwich at lunch... so we started BLW early and haven't looked back.
We were about 1 week in before I started finding "presents" in his nappy!

DS was obviously ready. I stuck to bread & veg until 6 months (Im dairy intolerant & big history of atopy in family) so avoided dairy/eggs etc until 6 months - but he's just over 8 months and loves mealtimes!

Roasted veg & banana is a great starting place.

cara2244 Sun 13-Sep-09 20:35:05

Mine grabbed a chocolate croissant at about 5+1 week. We started with a few bits of fruit and veg at 5.5 months but nothing serious until 6mths.

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