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I think DS is now what they call "established on solids" but does his daily menu look about right.......

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HarryB Mon 24-Aug-09 21:03:35

......sorry, I only have one friend with recent experience and her DD was a nightmare to wean so she held her hands in the air when I asked her grin. This is what DS (7.5 months) eats/drinks in an average day - grateful for your thoughts:

0700 7oz formula
0830 100g porridge or cereal with 4oz cows milk & tiny bit of water if he'll take it
1100 7oz formula
1330 80g solids (usually vegetables with pasta or similar) + 40g mashed fruit. Water (around 1oz)
1630 80g solids (meat or fish with veg & potato). + 40g mashed fruit and a toast soldier. 2 oz water.
1930 7oz formula.

Many thanks,


clueless smile

herbgarden Mon 24-Aug-09 21:22:01

Hi there
I'm on no 2 who is 7 months.
She weighs about 18 lbs now.

She has 0700 6oz milk
About 8ish - 2blspns of porridge with water and a bit of fruit to get the system rolling !
11.30 - Lunch - a proteiny lunch which I've mushed up including meat and veggies.
12.00 - 3 oz milk just before a sleep
She then has a nap
2.30pm - 6oz milk
5pm - veggie tea with her brother - usually a carb laden pasta/pots/veg combo to hopefully load her up before bed and maybe yog. I stopped giving her fruit as she took to pooing mid evening !!
6.30pm just before bed she takes 5 - 6 oz milk.

I still give a bit of a top up before I go to bed at 10pm - sometimes she takes 3 oz ....sometimes not interested.

Anyway,I think the milk intake at this age should be around 20 - 24 oz so that looks about right for you. That doesn't have to be purely milk though so cheese/milk in food and also yogs will add to the basic milk.

Do you find that the big bottle at 11 takes the edge off lunch ? I don't think DD would make it to 1.30pm for lunch - she's grouchy enough at 11.30 but maybe your lo takes a big Morning sleep instead ?

We do a short nap in the morning so she can have a big sleep at lunch as I have a toddler too who I like to have lunch with and then we all get a bit of quiet time afterwards.

Looks like your lo is doing well on food though....long may it last. DD seems to be getting the hang of it. My DS was ok and then we hit some fussy patches. He's not bad now but we have our moments !

herbgarden Mon 24-Aug-09 21:26:44

PS the other thing is that protein can be quite hard for babies to digest so perhaps giving protein at lunch so they aren't going to bed on protein and veggies at tea with carbs sometimes works better.....Just a thought and it's only my experience. Your lo may be completely unaffected by it all.

As weaning goes on - try and give lots of finger foods with the mush and perhaps give him a spoon to kid him into thinking he's feeding himself (and shove a spoon in whilst he's trying to aswell) - I also used to make the mushy food gradually into more finger type foods - and also give lots of variety.....

herbgarden Mon 24-Aug-09 21:28:07

I don't think you asked for any of this unsolicited advice did you....sorry....just got a bit carried away with "tips" !!...

HarryB Mon 24-Aug-09 21:36:51

Thanks so much Herbgarden. I thought about making the protein meal at lunch rather than tea for thr reason you stated so I may give that a try. The reason I had given him crabs at lunch was to see if he dropped his 3pm feed which he now has. I will still try swapping though.

I always give him the spoon after each meal for him to chew practice grin

HarryB Mon 24-Aug-09 21:38:33

Err, carbs not crabs grin

herbgarden Mon 24-Aug-09 21:41:47

Crabs - yum !

I'm about to try dropping the 2.30pm feed or at least cutting it back - DD has stopped taking her night bottle so well just before bed which is a sure sign she's having a bit too much at her post lunch feed. I remember I used to give my son a little bit of water or a yoghurt/rice cakes then intstead later on (maybe 9/10 months)....

HarryB Mon 24-Aug-09 21:51:57

I wish DS would take some yoghurt but he won't. I am getting RSI with all the fruit mashing. I think the temperature of the yoghurt straight from the fridge might be what's putting him off, but I'm too scared to leave it out to warm up abit in case it goes off. DH thinks it'll be fine out of the fridge unopened for an hour, but I'm a bit PFB first time mum about everything blush

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