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It's not a wotsit it's an Organix Carrot stick!!!

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PhoebeLaura Fri 21-Aug-09 10:45:06

My 9 mth DS will only eat the food I lovingly prepare if he has an Organix carrot stick in his hand. He does one bite of stick, one bite of food. I've tried other things (toast etc) but he just throws them on the floor and refuses to eat anything. Should I just carry on or am I making a rod for my own back? (Or should that be a giant corn snack for my own back? grin)

My guilt is not helped by the fact that several strangers have asked if I was feeding him wotsits and I was mortified blush

kathyis6incheshigh Fri 21-Aug-09 10:46:19

Just give him the Wotsits, they're cheaper wink

PhoebeLaura Fri 21-Aug-09 10:48:31

And I could eat them too - the perfect solution grin

dizzymare Fri 21-Aug-09 10:50:07

Ds lives for these, strangely only the thin variety, and won't be fobbed off with the fat oneshmm God knows what the difference is, but I quite like them myself.

I say if it works don't change it!

coldasanewrazorblade Fri 21-Aug-09 10:56:37

Get the cheesey flavour ones, they look even more like Wotsits!

dizzymare Fri 21-Aug-09 10:59:00

And stay away from the herb ones, they really are grim!

roomforthree Fri 21-Aug-09 11:02:22

No answers to your feeding dilemma sorry, but when I give DD and DS2 the carrot sticks in public, I ensure that the bag is prominently on display.

Dd is addicted to the fat variety, though will eat the thin too. I, however couldn't give a flying feck what anyone else thinks I am feeding my childrengrin.

dizzymare Fri 21-Aug-09 11:10:13

Whilst we're on the subject of convienience food, ds loves the ellas kitchen fruit puree pouches, the green ones are his favourite. But for some reason they've become like gold dust, and even my internet shopping ^this week^ turned up with the red ones. Does anyone know if they are being discontinued or are we just having crap luck?

Hmm now you mention it, I couldn't get the green this week, are we talking spinach, apple and swede or broccili, pear and peas?

Dd prefers the later, but likes both.

dizzymare Fri 21-Aug-09 11:23:06

The green fruit ones are banana, pear and kiwi I think, I did try him with the veg ones but he spits them outhmm

Ah didn't realise you mean't the fruit ones, dd likes all of them except the greengrin.

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