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Enough milk?

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Jack2601 Wed 05-Aug-09 11:45:34

DS is 6 and a bit months. We've been weaning for a few weeks and it's going well. He is on 3 meals a day with a pudding after dinner and tea. However, I'm not sure he's having enough milk.

He's never been the best milk drinker (which is why we started weaning early) but this is our day:
6/7am 3 or 4oz (if I'm lucky)
8am breakfast
11am 3 or 4oz
12noon dinner
3pm could be up to 6oz
4.30/5pm tea
7/7.30 6oz (again, if lucky).

I am still dreamfeeding him at 10.30 but at the very most he takes 2 or 3oz and has before refused it altogether. On a good day he has 20oz, but that is rare. I am trying to sneak his formula into his food, particularly at breakfast and his puddings are all milk based. Is this enough?


blondissimo Wed 05-Aug-09 17:51:24

I think it's ok? But they are all different aren't they. I can't remember now what the recommended amount is for that age - if you are having trouble reaching it on bottles alone, perhaps add milk to his breakfast cereal or make a dessert with it?

sjcmum Wed 05-Aug-09 20:26:14

Sounds absolutely fine I seem to remember that the recommendation is for about a pint a day (ie 20oz) - but that can include all the other sources of dairy in his diet - so definitely will be ok with all the other things you are giving him. Also might help to take a weekly view rather than worrying about it day on day - some days babies just don't eat much, other days they have loads.

Just googled and found this - some useful advice. You can always add cream cheese or even double cream to anything too..... and cheese sauce is always a winner - mixed with veg, fish, chicken or whatever...

Worth remembering as well that with babies who are fully breastfed, you have no idea exactly how much they are getting.... so it wouldn't be something that you could necessarily worry about to the exact oz anyway

Good luck!

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