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Yoghurt for an almost 6 month old

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mumtojohn Wed 17-Jun-09 20:54:27

My DS is 6 months old next Tuesday. I started weaning a few weeks ago and he is taking to it very well (crying between spoonfuls to be fed, crying for his solids, managing some quite lumpy puree, not really rejecting anything).

I am full of ideas for lunch and dinner meals but for breakfast I am bored of baby rice with fruit. Is it OK to give him yoghurt at this age? I like the idea as it is naturally thick but not lumpy.

Thanks if you can help and apologies if this is a thread that has been on before!

sweetnitanitro Wed 17-Jun-09 21:11:57

I gave dd a bit of yoghurt when she was 7 months I think, it was about a month after I started weaning. A lot of yoghurt has added sugar though (even the ones meant for babies) so I just gave her plain yoghurt with some mashed up banana in it. She seemed fine with it, didn't cause any stomach upsets or anything. You could always try him on a tiny bit and see how he does.

shish Thu 18-Jun-09 14:39:11

You can give yoghurt and other dairy products from 6 months so it's not a problem

shish Thu 18-Jun-09 14:41:55

Mumtojohn Just out of interest, what age did you start weaning your ds? And how quickly did you move on to 3 meals? My ds1 is 3 years old and I'm getting stressed about weaning ds2 in a couple of months as I can't remember a lot of these things!!

mumtojohn Thu 18-Jun-09 20:37:38

Thanks all for responses. I tried it with apple this AM and he screwed his face up with every mouthful! I abandoned it after a while and gave him just apple which he wolfed. I guess yoghurt is actually quite sour to a baby.

Shish, I started weaning him about 3 weeks ago. Began with baby rice on own and then different purees, just at lunch, for 2 weeks. Then moved on to brekkie plus lunch about a week ago. Not doing 3 meals yet as am scared he will lower his milk intake (he has quite a lot of solids. I always make too much by accident and he wants it all!). It's funny; everyone I speak to seems to do it differently. I think weaning, possibly more so than anything else, is different strokes for different folks. I worry and stress sometimes that he doesn't have his lunch at the same time every day (sometimes it's half 12, sometimes it's almost 3 - it depends when he wakes and what we're doing) but I reckon I'll just try and go with the flow and see what kind of routine etc comes out of it after the first few months.

But to go back to your question, I think I will do just breakfast and lunch for at least another week before doing 3 meals. For a start, I am not sure my creativity can stretch to devising 3 meal ideas every day yet!

bearhug Fri 19-Jun-09 16:12:25

You could try greek (style) yoghurt, which is not so sour. My DS loves it, especially whith cooked + blended dried apricots and/or prunes.

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