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How many milk feed and solid meals does your 8 month old have? And how did you organise them?

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FiveDollarShake Sun 02-Nov-08 13:27:19

I'm curious as to what other people have done or do. My 8 month old DD hasn't had much interest in solids so far, she much prefers a breastfeed. This is fine with me but I'm worried that she should be eating more solids at this age. I know you shouldnt compare but DS was weaned at 4 months (it was the guidelines then) and by 8 months was on 3 meals plus puddings and 3 formula feeds a day. DD's day goes something like this-

Has a BF when she wakes. The time depends on what time she has BF in the night IYKWIM. usually between 7am-8.30am
Then I offer her cereal for breakfast which she usually refuses. Ive tried giving her only one breast at the morning feed so she is hungry for her cereal but makes no difference. If I offer her the cereal later say 10am she'll eat it but then not be ready for her lunch at 12.
She wont usually settle for her nap unless she has BF.
I'll BF her mid afternoon. She has dinner at 5pm which she usually eats with no problems.
I try to BF her at 6.30pm as she goes to bed at 7pm but always has a small feed as probably full from her dinner! Because this last feed is small she nearly always wakes at 10ish and has a big BF. Then usually once during night for small BF.

I dont expect anyone to have the answers but if I had an idea of what other people did it might help me to get her into some sort of routine! I know that BM is the most important for the first year but I would like her to have regular solids even if they're in small amounts.

MatNanPlus Sun 02-Nov-08 14:32:07

Current Family

7-7.30 FF - 6oz
8.15 cereal & fruit - not much eaten
9-10 short 30-40 minute nap when out
10 FF - 6oz
11.30 3 foodcubes - meat & 2 veg then fruit & water
12-3 nap tho often up at 14.45
3 FF - 6oz
5.15 3 foodcubes - as before
6 Bath
6.15 FF - 3-6oz
11.30 FF/Dream Feed - 6oz

Family are doing purees, so i make up a batch of an item and freeze, then we have a orange(carrot,peppers,pumpkin), green(spinach,pea,bean) and pale(mushroom,courgette,cauli) days along with beef, chicken and white fish, this week we start salmon.

She also has butter beans and brown borlotti beans.

Fruits are apple, pear, peach, apricot, pineapple, plum/prune. With the apple and pear i add an orange to stop it going dark.

MatNanPlus Sun 02-Nov-08 14:35:10

Baby was EBF till 6m then 3pm went from BF to FF for 3 weeks then swapped from BF to FF at 11am for 3 weeks and started the 11pm as FF as night waking and then all became FF, she is now 8.5m on HIPP

MerlinsBeard Sun 02-Nov-08 14:42:24

ds8 (8 months) is bf about 7.30ish, has his breakfast (if he wants it-its still nt really something he is onto) after te school run so half 9. will bf again before or just after nursery run so 11/12 then lunch with me and ds2, then bf again before/just after school run so 3/4 and then tea with ds1 and 2 at 5/5:30

Will bf him before bed and he gets up in the night still. likes having little and often lol!!

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