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Weaning meals for my 7month old that can be frozen?

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chloemegjess Tue 05-Aug-08 20:32:00

Hello. I am looking to do a batch cook at the weekend, so will go shopping in the next few days.

What are good meal ideas for this age? I am not doing blw, so want some meals that can be blended or mashed and then frozen. Preferably not too time consuming to make!

Also, can strwberries and rasberries be frozen? I bought some and havent used them all up. So was thinking about freezing some?

megcleary Tue 05-Aug-08 20:37:22

i just did loads of brocolli, potato and cheese sauce, popped it in ice cube trays froze them and then popped that in plastic bags in the freezer. Did the same with sweet potato and then cooked a salmon fillet, into the tray and froze it and bag again. DD has the appetite of a delicate bird though so at most 4 cubes at lunch etc

I have bought bags of frozeen fruit from morrisons for smoothies so i assume you can freeze what you have.

savoycabbage Tue 05-Aug-08 20:38:26

No, the water content is too high to freeze. I batch cook a lot and put in those IKEA bowls. I just make the same kinds of food as I make for the family. You can get tiny pasta now from boots and some supermarkets. In the baby section.

What's blw?

lilyloo Tue 05-Aug-08 20:40:54

parsnip and roasted red pepper goes down well here nice and sweet

chloemegjess Tue 05-Aug-08 20:45:03

blw is baby led weaning.

Were you saying you cant freeze strawberries and rasberries?

Pheebe Wed 06-Aug-08 20:23:12

Here's some of the mixtures ds2 is loving at the mo. I steam them then blend them then freeze them:

Courgette, pear and pea (handful)
Butternut squash and sweet potato (equal proportions)
Butternut squash and pear (equal portions)
Lentil, carrot and chicken/vege stock (cooked on the stove then blended)
Parsnip, pear and pea
Parsnip and apple
Sweet potatoe and carrot (with or without apple)
Brocolli, pear and pea
Broccolli and cauliflower
Courgette and cauliflower
Carrot, peas and sweetcorn
Carrot and apple

Sometimes mix any of the above with mashed up chicken or fish or whatever meat we are having

Apple and pear (sometimes with a pinch of cinamon)
Apple and strawberry
Peach and apple
Peach and strawberry
Peach and pear
blueberries or raspberries added to any of the above

Have recently read somewhere that the new advice is to hold off on straws/rasps til over 1 but ds1 was fine and ds2 loves them.
They can be frozen whole too, we do it often although they do tend to be mushy when defrosted because, as savoycabbage pointed out, of the high water content.

didsnbump Wed 06-Aug-08 21:55:49

If ya dont mind spending a bit of money buy an Annabel Karmel baby cook book, "The New Complete Baby and Toddler meal planner." is a great one that im using.

The purees taste great,even i wanna eat them. Im cheating and buying the ready made stock and cheese sauces from heinz to make life easyier for batch cooking her recepies.

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