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Favourite formula?

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horsygirl Tue 05-Aug-08 12:58:27

I weaned my ds off breastmilk onto Aptamil first. It sounds weird, but I was always convinced he only tolerated breast milk because he absolutley had to. He's very similar with formula and will only take the absolute minimum to stave off his hunger, rendering him hungry again 1 hr later. I have introduced solids so it's not so much of a problem now, but....

I bought two cartons of ready made SMA white because that's all that was available at our local shop and he has just guzzled 10 oz straight off. I'm staggered. He has never done this before and he has had a hearty breakfast and didn't seem overly hungry.

Could it be that he has disliked all the other milks????

Please help!!

cafebistro Tue 05-Aug-08 13:28:36

My ds had aptamil when i stopped bf and seemed to like it ( he always drank his bottles anyway). DD is still breastfed so hasnt had any formula. I have heard of babies prefering one formula over another and even refusing some formulas only to guzzle a different one. If he likes it then use

Mine Tue 05-Aug-08 15:49:40

Horsygirl, my ds was the same - he preferred SMA over Cow & Gate.
Still what he likes i guess.

emma1977 Tue 05-Aug-08 17:38:49

Ds mostly BF and hates aptamil.

Will tolerate Farleys but loves SMA.

MatNanPlus Tue 05-Aug-08 17:42:37

Looking after BF baby, she didn't want the Aptamil but loves her Goats Milk Formula once a day.

MatNanPlus Tue 05-Aug-08 17:43:23

After trying both Apt & GMF i too prefer it

horsygirl Tue 05-Aug-08 19:23:02

Goats milk formula?? what's that?

MatNanPlus Tue 05-Aug-08 21:33:53

Just what it says infant formula made from Goats Milk rather than Cows Milk and New Zealand Goats at that, not used in UK much but we are abroad.

chocolatespiders Tue 05-Aug-08 21:36:05

Farleys was my dd's fav milk> after bf

onepieceoflollipop Tue 05-Aug-08 21:39:52

DD1 refused all formula (b/f for a year)

DD2 likes SMA gold. I am mixed feeding and I assume that b/milk and formula taste quite different. I have personally tasted all of the formula milks I have offered her and they all taste yuk to me. Mind I hate the taste of cows' milk anyway so perhaps I am biased.

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