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Recipes for baby weaning.

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shinyshoes Thu 10-Jul-08 10:37:01

I' fast running out of ideas on what to give my LO who has been on solids for 2 weeks.

She isn't BLW I am going down the puree route (a few too many big chuncks she's chocked on have scared me too much).

Does anyone know of a good site that has some recipes for a baby who has just started to wean.

My friend gives her 7 month old what thy eat but to be honest tonight we are having corned beef hash and I'd rather not give that too her as
a)its questionable meat
b) I'd imagine corned beef would be too salty
c)It'd be too dry for her.

We do eat reasonably well with the odd junk food thrown in (corned beef hash for instance), but lately the meals I've done, I felt have been unsuitable for her.

Sunday we had a roast, It was too dry and I don't want to give her gravy as it contains too much salt

Monday we had Jacket potatowhich she was fine with , but again the cheese to me has too much salt in. The other alternative was prawns but I didnt think I could give them to her at 6 months and again it's the dry issue and not sure what to add to that

Tuesday was shepherds pie, again, mince is a questionable meat and I'd rather not.

Tomorrow will be Prawn stir fry, again not sure how to go about giving this too her,and it has prawns which I'm not sure I can give her at her age.

it would be great if she was a BLW baby but she isnt and if I go down that route now she won't be consuming as much as she has been and I don't want to starve her

You can see i'm running out of ideas, she tends to live off sweet potato and steamed veg the water used to make it wetter.

Ideas or other sites would be very much appreciated

Ta Muchly X

BeachBunni Thu 10-Jul-08 11:33:25

I bought a couple of those annabel karmel books which are great for a few ideas. Also tells you what you can and can't freeze so I tend to batch make and freeze some of it.

If your wanting to make things a bit wetter you can make your own veg stock and keep it in the fridge for about a week I think to give things a bit more taste.

I make my own tomato pasta sauce out of fresh tomatoes with onion, garlic, corgette, chicken and pasta and I have to say this is one of ds favourites.

Hav to say though I do give ds a tiny bit of mince - he loves it with onion, carrots and potatoes.

shinyshoes Thu 10-Jul-08 12:02:30

I can do veg stock, and funnily enough I make my own tomato sauce but I also add basil (will this be ok?).

Perhaps it won't be as harder as I thought.

I have thought about upgrading my 11 year old Annabel Karmel book blush the library never seem to have any in, they are always on loan. I might have to buy a couple

Cheers BeachBunni

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