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Tripp Trapp

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gerbo Tue 25-Sep-07 14:23:42

Hi! Calling experienced weaning mums....I'm thinking about buying a Tripp Trapp and have a few questions...

1. Where's the best place/website to buy one?

2. Can I try one in a shop before I buy?

3. Does your baby have to be able to sit unaided to use one? (DD is 5 and a bit months and can't sit unaided yet)

4. Any downsides? Toppling over?

Thanks for any help!

Hulababy Tue 25-Sep-07 14:27:08

Can't answer 1&2 as don't know where you are and a long time since O got mine.

However in our local children's shop they do have a Tripp Trapp made up so I assume you can try one.

Yes, a child would need to be able to sit up pretty well in a Tripp Trapp as there isn't any wrap around support and it doesn't recline.

We loved ours - still have it as a chair and DD is 5.5 now. Looks good. Very easy to keep clean. Never had any problems with it being tipped or tobbled over and has been used by friend's children not just DD.

And I loved the idea of no tray and baby sat at the table with us. I have never unstood the need for a reclining high chair nor a tray for a highchair/

BlueberryPancake Tue 25-Sep-07 14:53:44

Hiya, we have both - I bought a reclining chair with a tray for my first son, and now that he is 1.5 we bought him a tripp trap and given the reclining chair to his little brother - now 5.5 months and weaning.

I can see the good and bad for both chairs. I wouldn't put a 5.5 month old in a tripp trapp. I don't think it's very comfortable for little ones and they need to be able to sit up really well. He'd slip down for sure. A tray is pretty good I think for younger babies, a bit less messy and easier to clean, it goes right up to their tummy so less food on the floor. The reclining bit was very useful when our oldest son was old enough to hold his bottle / beaker of juice or milk and it happened many times that he fell asleep in it and we just reclined the back and he had nice naps. Couldn't do that with a tripp trapp.

However, now that our oldest son eats really well, the tripp trapp is wonderful. We and he love it!
Bought it from this website:

And the reclining highchair we bought from Argos. We chose one that had a bar between the legs, it's good for younger babies as they can't slip down.It's the Chicco Polly highchair.

TheMadHouse Tue 25-Sep-07 14:56:29

I second back in action - they will match any other price, we bought both our Tripp traps there, one from the shop and the other by internet as we had moved.

I love them, we all eat at the table. But as previously said not great for weaning. I just used our bouncy chair, car seat or swing when weaning until they could sit unaided.

Hulababy Tue 25-Sep-07 17:01:08

We also used a bouncy chair, sat upright, to wean DD initially (before the 6 month guideline), although luckily DD sat unaided quite early so got lots of use of of TT even then.

prettybird Tue 25-Sep-07 17:03:17

When we were weaning ds, before he could sit up unaided, we tsuffed a coupl of ski socks on either side of him in the Trip Trapp - worked really well!

Loved the chair and ds, now 7, still uses it.

gerbo Tue 25-Sep-07 18:06:42

Thanks mumsnetters for your advice - guess i can sit her on my lap/in her chair to feed her until she can sit on her own?? Will try to find somewhere (in London)to see how she does in it unaided, and then probably wait till she can sit up to buy one - think I'm convinced!!!

Hulababy Tue 25-Sep-07 18:07:37

Visit TGI Fridays - they have them there

gerbo Fri 28-Sep-07 10:19:14

Thanks - we will!

cmotdibbler Fri 28-Sep-07 11:07:16

We got ours from Back in Action too (they do have a shop in London), but bought a tray off ebay which clips on and off really easily - there are times that being at the table isn't practical. The baby set makes the tripp trapp a bit more snug, and I have to say that when DS was 6 months, he sat much better in it than in a conventional high chair as there was less room to fall to one side.

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