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HELP!! I've just given 4.5 mo cow's milk

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clutteredup Mon 14-May-07 16:55:59

Just realised i mixed up baby rice with cow's milk from frideg instead of formula - see sleep deprived post of few days ago by way of explanation- it was organic and as she only started on solids she didn't have a huge amount - about a couple of tablespoons of rice i guess - she seems well but i'm worried . i know you're not supp[osed to give them milk till they're one , what might it do to her. anyone help please

Aloha Mon 14-May-07 16:58:12

its fine! Milk isn't harmful, it's just not supposed to be used instead of formula or breast milk as the main drink for the first year. You can use it in cooking etc from six months and it won't do any harm before then. Relax!

butterflywings Mon 14-May-07 16:59:01

It sounds like it was just a small amount so I wouldn't worry about it to be honest.
You just keep an eye on DC though in case they are sick but I doubt they would be..

clutteredup Mon 14-May-07 17:00:32

thank you Aloha - i was beginning to panic - well tbh already was dd2 is no3 , just goes to show you can still panic like a new mum even now!

hayes Mon 14-May-07 17:01:01

don't worry about it. the milk and weaning "rules" change all the time anyway, when I had my 1st 14 years ago we could change them onto cows milk at 6 months.

she will be fine!

clutteredup Mon 14-May-07 17:02:23

I was thinking as it was organic it would prob be ok but then again it might have other stuff in that ordinary milk doesn't

akaJamiesMum Mon 14-May-07 17:04:30

Don't panic - it's fine. Won't do her any harm at all.

Chelseamum Mon 14-May-07 17:04:58

I wouldn't worry too much. A couple of spoonfuls wont do her any harm.
However i would keep an eye on her!

Aloha Mon 14-May-07 17:06:58

Organic makes no difference! And it certainly doesn't have any added 'stuff'! Be calm!

Rhubarb Mon 14-May-07 17:08:22

It's really not a problem. Worst it can do is make her poo runny.

Aloha Mon 14-May-07 17:09:57

When I weaned ds at four months I gave him yoghurt and petit filous and so did everyone else! It is FINE.

clutteredup Mon 14-May-07 17:12:55

thank you i will stop worrying i'm not normally so paranoid tired i think god knows what i'll do next - oops just about to burn dc sausages - that answers that one!!!

Aloha Mon 14-May-07 17:18:21

Well, it isn't quite like giving her poison!
Did she enjoy it?

Flangelina Thu 31-May-07 22:00:46

I'm a bit late on this thread but had to tell you clutteredup - my husband grew up on a dairy farm and was given unpasteurised cow's milk as his main diet from about 3 weeks. I thought he was exaggerating but his mum confirmed it herself. And to my knowledge it didn't do him any harm!

willowsmom Sat 29-Sep-07 03:13:45

People shouldn't really say, 'I did it and it was fine' based on the fact that their child never had a reaction. That's hardly a good basis for whether it's safe for all mothers to do so (when was any research like this done on just ONE baby after all!). Giving cows milk too young is risky because a baby's system is not ready to digest it. It also increases their chances of allergy to it.

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