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Vomiting only after milk

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DappledThings Thu 22-Dec-16 16:32:57

DS is 10 months. Started BLW at 6 months as well as bf and he's been on 4 bfs plus 3 meals quite happily for ages. 10 days ago I replaced his mid-morning bf with some fruit and a couple of mini rice cakes which he's been happy with.

My plan had been to replace mid-afternoon milk with a snack at 11 months and then decide about first and last thing bfs later on. However he is vomiting a lot after about 50% of his first and second bfs in the day. Hardly ever vomits after solids and never after his bedtime bf but loads after 7am and 3pm ones. So does anyone think this is just a phase or is it an indication he's ready to drop the 3pm milk already as well?

Just wary as advice is for milk to be main nutrition till a year but I might be over thinking it

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 22-Dec-16 23:19:21

Are you offering the solids roughly an hour after bfing?

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