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Mummabear22 Sun 31-Jul-16 19:44:01

My DD is 6.5months and we have been weaning since she was 4months. Since she turned 6months I've been slowly introducing meat, dairy, wheat and gluten. She has so far been okay. I was just wondering if it is normal for her to be only having x3 bottles of anything from 4-7ozs??

Our day normally goes:
6am bottle 4-7ozs
Between 9-10am porridge with fruit
2pm bottle 4-7ozs
Between 5-6pm dinner varies day to day what she has but has a good size portion and a yoghurt or fruit after
8 or 9pm bottle and bed 4-7ozs.

She will also have snacks throughout the day.

Does that seem okay to everyone?

Also does anyone have any finger food recipes or ideas? We're getting a bit bored of the ones we have.

Thanks all

SpeakNoWords Sun 31-Jul-16 20:09:25

I don't know about bottles, but it doesn't seem much milk for quite a young baby still. She's also eating a lot of food, and I think you must have left lunch out as your list has nothing between 10am breakfast and 2pm for a bottle - that can't be right surely?

In terms of finger food, now she's 6 months you can give anything apart from whole nuts or honey, so you can try out pretty much anything. Omelette strips, savoury muffins, strips of meat, obviously all fruit and veg, pancakes, etc etc. If you search online for baby led weaning recipes you'll find lots of ideas for things that will be suitable.

Mummabear22 Sun 31-Jul-16 20:23:05

Yeah sorry she has lunch at about 12, was writing the post while fighting her for my phone!

I've worked it out that she generally tends to have between 500 and 600mls of milk per day.

Thanks for the ideas and help.

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