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Baby not interested in BLW and refuses spoon - any advice?

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sleepbecomeshim Mon 21-Mar-16 11:06:33

Hello I'd be grateful for any advice on this.

My son is 7mo and has been/is being breastfed (bottle refuser). We started trying some solids (purees, veg puffs etc) about 6 weeks ago.

At first, he'd tolerate a teaspoon or two of puree but now refuses the spoon entirely. We've tried giving him his own spoon(s), eating with him, making a game of it etc - but no. So we're trying BLW. However, he's not going for this either. He often won't touch food on his tray and if he does he throws it onto the floor. This is fine (understand BLW is about just letting them do what they want) but it does mean he isn't taking in any food at all. He isn't interested at all, even in playing with it.

I'm a bit concerned he may have an aversion to being fed because we have to syringe medicine into his mouth each day (which he HATES) for reflux. But we can't stop this so there isn't much we can do.

Other than this there aren't any health issues (we know of) to be aware of. He was born at 40+11, was 9lb 6oz and has stayed on 91st centile.

So my questions are:

- is there anything else we can do to try to make food more appealing?
- we don't have much choice other than to be calm, patient, persevere - but at what point does no solids become a problem?
- has anyone else had issues with feeding a baby also on meds. Any tips/advice re rebuilding trust around having things put in mouth?

Thanks xxx

potatomama Mon 21-Mar-16 17:59:30

My 8 month old BLW son won't try anything new until he's seen me eat several mouthfuls first. Even then, he might decide he doesn't like it, and throw the rest on the floor.
What works for us is just cooking for me and DH, then giving DS some from our plates to play with or eat - less pressure that way.

No solids could result in anaemia, but your HV will have more info.

eatsleephockeyrepeat Tue 19-Apr-16 11:46:25

Does he put toys etc. in his mouth when he's playing or does he really avoid the whole "stuff in mouth" thing in general? I don't know much about it but I've heard some babies can develop an oral aversion, so if he completely avoids putting things in his mouth I'd probably talk to the hv.

If he will put things in his mouth (just not food!) then I think I'd spend a few more weeks persevering first, maybe a combination of approaches but trying to stay as relaxed (??) as possible so no negative associations develop. Perhaps some meal times put a few bits on his tray (or smeared on hands?) and see if eventually some starts making it into his mouth? Then other times maybe sit him on your lap when you're eating and just put things to his lips if he looks curious; I did this with my lo for while, I'd eat a pear or yoghurt or whatever, something juicy or wet, then he'd lick his lips and see how delicious it was! Tbh he was always keen to get it in his mouth but perhaps it would help encourage him to want to taste things.

I really don't know if that's any help but hopefully someone with more experience of similar will be along soon smile Good luck!

ouryve Tue 19-Apr-16 11:51:42

Back off for a bit, then try different textures.

DS2 was very much the same. He never had any truck with smooth purees and wouldn't look at anything solid and was almost 9 months old before he willingly tried anything. I very roughly pureed some christmas dinner, so it still had loads of texture and that went down a treat.

sleepbecomeshim Tue 19-Apr-16 12:40:45

Thank you very much for these replies. I'm happy to report that after I managed to restrain myself and impose a 10 day spoon embargo, I then tentatively had another go - and he took it! Since then, he's been fine with it although still only eating v small amounts. So we're getting there. Just took some patience on my

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