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Weaning didnt seem this tricky first time round...

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bakermum15 Sun 27-Dec-15 00:38:28


I have started weaning my 6 month DS and finding all sorts of challenges that I didn't experience with my 2yo.

My first was a dream from start. Opening wide and scoffing everything, he was also stronger and able to sit up better.

6mo DS is tricky wriggly likes to lick or suck the spoon and can't sit up yet. Although he loves to gum toast and butter for ages. Any other finger foods he crushes with his death grip until they split in two pieces leaving him angry and frustrated.

Additionally I'm also finding it hard to even find the time between the two of them to squeeze in more than 1 sometimes 2 weaning attempts a day, especially if we're out or visiting. This makes me feel like a pretty lousey mum.

I'm wondering whether I need to try a different highchair. He's far too small for his brothers and slips down as there isntba rigid but between the legs. He's currently in a lovely sort of multi use scoop high chair (like a pushchair seat on a travel system) which supports him beautifully but means he can't reach the tray for any finger foods !

Can anyone offer any advice suggestions or just "I've been there too" words?


bakermum15 Sun 27-Dec-15 00:40:57

That should say...there isn't a rigid bit between the legs!

fredandme123 Sun 27-Dec-15 21:36:40

IKEA antelop with the cushion ad baby led weaning might be the answer 1, he'll eat when he is ready. Unfortunately they have to get frustrated to learn. Trying once a day is plenty at 6mos no pressure at all it's a process not instant- hope things improve soon.

ICJump Mon 28-Dec-15 05:51:33

If he can't sit un aided why not wait a week or two and try again. Weaning is around six months so it's ok if you start a little later

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