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Snack for spoonfed baby?

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Kittiewhite89 Tue 03-Feb-15 16:24:26

Hi all

My daughter has just turned 7 months and is being spoon fed, still smooth as she isn't ready for textures yet. We have tried baby led weaning but she has severe reflux and vomits if she gags, so we can't afford for her to lose any milk we manage to get down her!

Spoon feeding is a bit restrictive as there isn't much scope snack wise. I need an idea on a filler food for between 2pm and her dinner at 5pm.

Current food:
7am 4oz milk
8am 2 spoons porridge with 2oz formula
11am 3oz milk
11:30 am 2 spoons savoury and 1 small Fromage frais
5pm 2 spoons savoury and 1 small Fromage frais or milky dessert
6:30pm 6oz milk
10:30pm 6oz dreamfeed

She eats nothing from 11:30 till 5! But she does have a total of 3 hours sleep within that time and she is learning to drink water from a cup so is having that, but I know she needs something there. Not sure whether to just offer 2oz milk or a big spoon of purée. I could bring her dinner forward but only by say 15 minutes so it won't make much of a difference. Today she had a suck on half a reduced sugar rusk but she didn't eat any really.

Any ideas?
Thank you x

Rtfairy Tue 03-Feb-15 19:08:40

Maybe some fruit? If you are just doing purees could give some fruit puree or a well mashed banana? My daughter also loved mashed avocado and the Cow and Gate or Hipp organic fruit pots. We have a similar issue to you and it's slowly getting better now dd is 14 months.

stressbucket1 Wed 04-Feb-15 21:13:53

I would offer more milk I think. I dropped the 11am bottle first with both my DD's and kept giving one after afternoon nap usually 3pm ish. At 7 months though they still had 4 bottles a day but no dream feed

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