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Scared to increase solids!

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Kittiewhite89 Tue 27-Jan-15 21:58:48


My daughter is coming up to 7 months. She's always been fussy with milk from the start and has severe reflux managed by a prescription formula and reflux meds.
She normally takes 26 oz of formula a day, which dropped from 30oz - this dropped after a feeding strike and a week stay at hospital with a feeding tube.

We started weaning at 6 months and she has purées 3x a day.
I'm wondering when to increase the amounts of solids she's taking. I give her the equivalent of a third of a small jar of food (make my own purées apart from dessert ones) at each meal, but if I didn't stop I know she would eat a full small jars worth, she has taken to food really well.

I'm worried about increasing it though as it's hard enough getting her to take all her milk. If she ends up dropping a bottle she will be on 21oz a day, which includes a 6oz dreamfeed. If we drop the dreamfeed too (as we will need to at some point) she will only be on 15oz.

Her solids haven't currently affected her milk intake, she's just as fussy now as she was before solids. I know I'll have to increase the solids at some point but don't want to jeopardise her health/weight gain.

Feeding routine:
7am - 5oz milk
7:30am - 2 spoons porridge
11am - 5oz milk
11:30am - 2/3 spoons savoury purée
3pm - 5oz formula
5pm - 2 spoons savoury, 1 big spoon milky dessert type purée
6:45/7pm - 5oz milk
10:30pm - 6oz dreamfeed

I know I could add milk to her food, but this would mean increasing the amount of solids and this could affect her bottles, so I imagine she would drink less

Sorry for the long post,just don't know what I'm doing with this
Thank you!

GoldfishSpy Fri 06-Feb-15 20:22:07

I think it is fine if she drinks less and would definitely increase what she is having solids- wise. Also put some finger food ( soft fruit or toast fingers etc) in front of her to try.

We are too much the other way! DS grabbed toast from me at 5 months old and ate it. He is now on 3 meals ( he eats 4 Ice cubes worth of savoury mush and then has natural yog with fruit for pud) 3 times a day, baby porridge for breakfast. He is dropping breastfeeds left right and centre and now down to morning , 4 pm ( sometimes) and evening and 1 or 2 at night!

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