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I've been trying my 9 1/2 month with solids since 5 1/2 months and she seems to quite like the idea of quiet a few foods but never really takes more than an ounce at dinner and hardly anything at brek / lunch - she wants to feed herself but not much goes in that way yet. We do a mix of mainly puree with some finger foods.
I've recently started waiting more like 4 hours to feed her solids to see if it helps if she's really hungry but then the day disappears and she's only bf d once or twice and still not taken the solids. then she's up all night bf ing.Should i pump during day so i don't lose milk as now i find she doesn't seem as interested during the day. confused!!
has anyone had the same thing happen
lost my punctuation now as only one hand -she's sat on my lap while upstairs drill away in their kitchen! ;-(

Littlef00t Fri 31-Oct-14 16:38:19

I appreciate you're worried about intake of food, but I wouldn't stress about it, milk as the main is still fine til 1, let her increase her appetite in her own time and don't limit milk in the day would be my advice.


Thanks Littlef00t! however I forgot to add some quite vital information which s that I return to work in Jan and so really need her to be taking a decent amount of solids or at least some formula but she's having neither ;-(
(I did post this same question more coherently the previous day but didn't think it had worked - very tired as she doesn't sleep very well either but thats another story!
all thoughts welcome from anyone who sees this! am a bit stuck for ideas now!


Any advice from anyone else please! desperate

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