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Weaning at Six months

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Purp Sat 16-Mar-02 13:52:44

My ds is 5 and a half months and I am planning to wean her at 6 months. None of the books mention this and I don't know if you just follow the advice for a four month old or whether as her digestive system will be a bit more sorted, whether I can fast track her a bit.

I'd be grateful for anyone's knowledge about this.

Bron Sat 16-Mar-02 15:21:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Purp Sat 16-Mar-02 16:51:14

Actually I mean starting on solids, not weaning altogether - I fear I'm showing my lack of terminology knowledge.

Kaelle Sat 16-Mar-02 18:36:19

I wouldn't try to fast track as it's good to get a handle on potential allergies and not shock the system. I also waited until 6 mos for my 2ds to start solids and gave them simple adult food as much as poss (no jars except traveling). I also gave them their own spoon to hold from day 1. It's amazing how varied they'll eat and how soon they can eat properly! I'd read about this and tried it - now food is the one thing that I don't worry about with them.

Pupuce Sat 16-Mar-02 20:17:44

Purp my only advice would be to start slowly (texture smooth and limited variety) anyway but you can fast track after 2 or 3 weeks if it's going really well.
Otherwise I'd avoid salt and sugar - it's bad for them and if they are not use to it, they won't ask for it.

Purp Mon 18-Mar-02 15:05:36

Thanks Kaelle, Bron and Pupuce, I'll take it easy and give her her own spoon, I'm looking forward to it.

Purp Sat 30-Mar-02 16:47:04

I just wanted to add here in case anyone reading this has the same problem as me, I have just found the answer. On page 84 and 85 of Lucy Burney's book 'Boost Your Child's Immune System' is a table of how to start feeding your child when starting solids at six months.

Eulalia Fri 30-Aug-02 21:23:51

Someone else started a thread similar to this but I can't find it. There was a few of us all aiming to leave weaning till 6 months and I wondered how you were all getting on.

Jasper I seem to remember your baby is about 6 months now. Have you started solids?

As for me - dd was weighed last week and the HV said "so she'll be on 1 meal a day now?" and I said "no she's not had any food yet" She looked surprised, but couldn't contradict me as her weight gain was perfect. she is 19 weeks now and I am certainly leaving solids till after our holiday as it will make things much easier while we are away.

Ellaroo Fri 30-Aug-02 21:45:45

Eulalia, think the thread you're talking about may be: 'Exclusive breastfeeding - does size matter?'

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