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Nervous about weaning and keeping up baby's milk intake - any tips?

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Whenwillwestopmoving Thu 18-Jul-13 22:58:36

DD is 25 weeks and I gave her a bit of baby rice at 11 this morning after her bottle which went down well. She has never been great with formula, she was a terror to stop breastfeeding ( I went back to work early and stopped as a result) and I'm pretty sure only tolerates formula because there is nothing better on offer, she sometimes only manages 24ish oz as it is, and while her weight gain is fine she isn't sleeping through without a feed (included in that figure).

Does anyone have any tips on how to make sure she keeps up her 20oz a day while still getting exposed to all the tastes, textures etc needed? I'd love to do BLW but she's in nursery 3 days / week when I'm at work so will be given purées there, but I'll have more time to do finger / messy foods the other 4 days. And yes she is a PFB and I'm a born worrier smile

JollyHolidayGiant Fri 19-Jul-13 19:11:57

Are nursery not willing to follow your wishes? Mine were absolutely fine with BLW as they were feeding the older children real food anyway.

We always gave DS solids 1 hour after milk. This ensured he drank his milk and wasn't desperately hungry when it came to meal time.

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