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Bron2212 Wed 22-May-13 11:12:23

Hi all my little boy is 11month old and has started point blank refusing being spoon fed and not refusing any finger foods I put in front of his he's always refused a dummy so used a bottle as a substitute but now I'm thinking should I try and drop a bottle so he eats more but gets really ratty without milk in his bottle I've tried him with just water , he wakes up at about 930 and has a small amount of breakfast a quarter slice of toast and half a sausage something like that if am lucky he will eat a full wetabix then bout half 11 he crys for his bottle and drinks a full 8oz I've started weaning on to cows milk then at 1or2 I try him with lunch and he refuses everything and eats minimal amounts at tea and then has another bottle at 7 and goes down for the whole night , sorry to rant i just feel like I'm in such a rut and his routine needs changing drastically but I don't know where to start xx

ExBrightonBell Wed 22-May-13 13:10:48

Hi Bron. It's not quite clear from your post if he is refusing to be spoon fed as well as refusing to eat finger food? Also does he drink water with his food (e.g. from a sippy cup)?

If he isn't eating much at the minute it might be worth sticking with formula until his appetite picks up. There are more nutrients in it than plain cows milk. AFAIK he should be having up to 720ml of formula a day along side food, reducing to 600ml as food intake picks up.

Some babies seem to take longer than others to really get going with food - as long as you keep offering a healthy range of food he will get there!

Lehman Wed 22-May-13 13:13:26

I would go and see your health visitor - there are quite a few drop in clinics run in doctors surgeries etc where you can see HVs or midwives. They should help untangle the problem. It sounds like too much milk but it's a bit hard to say.

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