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Imbalance between BF and solids, so grazing at night. How can I "reset" my DS?

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bluey12 Mon 20-May-13 09:52:16

no advice I'm afraid, but I wondered how you were getting on as we have the exact same problem and I'm knackered!

zoobaby Thu 02-May-13 08:35:33

Thanks again for advice JJJ.

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 01-May-13 21:37:11

I'd try offering more bfs and less solids in the day. If he's refusing morning feed I'd offer again at 8 and miss the morning solids and offer the breast again at 10 when he wakes. He might take less solids but the milk is much more calorific than most solids. I'd also offer the breast again straight after his lunch.

As for sleep, have you tried the no cry sleep solution, seen the isis website or read 31 ways? smile

zoobaby Wed 01-May-13 12:59:30

DS is 7 mo and is enjoying his solids. We've also established a routine and his daytime sleeping is going well (touch wood and fingers crossed).

However his night time sleep has become progressively worse and I seriously suspect that he is now grazing in the early morning hours sad, usually starting at the 3:00am witching hour. Last night it was 3:00, then 4:30, then 6:00. I don't feed him at 6:00am and make him hold on til 7:00 but it doesn't really matter as he's not properly hungry at this time anyway.

Up til 5 months of age, he was sleeping contentedly from 10:00/11:00pm til 6:00/7:00/8:00am. But now that he has 7:00pm bedtime and solids, it's just thrown him out.

Is there anyway to "reset" his eating? Does it need to be water and tears for a few nights or is there a better way?

I know milk should be the main source of nourishment, so I'm working hard to get the balance between BF and solids right. It's just so hard to know how much he's getting with BF. Gah!

At the moment he is doing this:
7:00am BF (refusing these days)
8:00ish solids
9:20-10:00am nap
11:45am solids and drink of water
12:30-2:30pm nap
2:30pm BF (not overly fussed some days)
5:00pm solids
6:30pm BF (this is the only good feed)
10:00pm BF (appears to take a fair bit, but always so tired, perhaps need to wake him up properly for it?)

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