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I looks like DD has decided today is the day for blw!

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MadameJosephine Sat 27-Apr-13 13:57:41

DD is 24 weeks old and EBF. I was just feeding her and eating a piece of bread with cream cheese on, she watched me intently and then when I was down to the last few bites she grabbed it out of my hand and shoved it straight in her mouth. I sat her up on my knee so she wouldnt choke and she sat happily gumming it on my knee for a few minutes with me watching to make sure she didn't bite off any unmanageable chunks. She looked so pleased with herself so when she'd finished I gave her a piece of banana to try too and she loved it! Not sure how much actually made it into her mouth as opposed to her face/hair but It was still a very proud mummy moment smile

MadameJosephine Sat 27-Apr-13 14:03:25

I daren't eat the bag of crisps I was planning now in case she goes for them too, think I'd better wait till she's asleep!

ThreeWheelsGood Sat 27-Apr-13 17:32:40

That's excellent!

Wildwaterfalls Sat 27-Apr-13 19:48:21

Excellent! It is so cute, isn't it, how they watch intently and copy what you do! Have fun on the BLW journey smile

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