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Ds2 7 mo still waking for feeds

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JezzaJ9 Tue 12-Feb-13 03:48:57

My ds2 is 7 mo and has been happy eating for 6 weeks now he is eating some food at breakfast, lunch and dinner he also has milk from me in between feeds ( not as much but generally before and after sleep). He still wakes at least twice a night for a he is in bed for 7pm then up for BF between 10-12 and 2-4 up at about 6:30am, it feels like he is waking out of habit and not hunger. He feeds to sleep or needs to be held which is fine for 20mins but for 1- 1. 1/2 hours at 3am is not on. Any thoughts? He is also constantly teething he has 7 teeth currently broken, so I do give anbesol/teething gel or sometimes calpol depending. Is this normal or is it time for cc, he is eating solids well a mixture of finger food and puree. Sorry fir long post and not sure if its bf related or weaning hence in both! Have DS1 who is 4 so shattered! :

FreelanceMama Tue 12-Feb-13 07:34:13

We went through this at the 9/10 month stage - our son was still waking up once or twice in the night, sometimes BF to sleep, other times would be up and awake for 1 to 2 hours and then would go to sleep. I really hope we never go back to that again! I think he was still hungry/thirsty but also looking for comfort. The HV recommended we check the following before introducing sleep training:

is he eating enough during the day? We tried increasing how much food we offered and he ate loads more.

is he in pain? You said your son is teething (wow, 7!) so this could be making him less easy to settle than normal. Is it wind? Once you move onto solids you might find that some foods give your baby terrible gas; we can't give our baby broccoli or cauliflower for tea, or he's up a lot that night.

and then it could be habit. In which case you (or someone else) could offer him water and that would help you see if it's hunger or not. And we would also go to the loo before going in, in the night - partly because if he's up for over an hour it might be necessary, but also, by the time we'd then got to his room, he'd sometimes settled back to sleep.

Good luck. We avoided sleep training and did things like going to sleep earlier ourselves, taking turns catching up with sleep, etc. then at 11 months he settled down, and then decided to stop breastfeeding so BF to sleep wasn't an option anymore, and that seemed to help with his sleep.
I was still feeding our baby once or twice a night until he decided to stop breastfeeding at the end of his 11 month. You said he's

JezzaJ9 Tue 12-Feb-13 10:04:48

Thanks for response freelance. I think his teeth do have something to do with it, he broke his first two teeth at 15 weeks so we hit the 4 month sleep regression then more teeth, poor thing. My HV said he needs to learn to settle himself but not to try anything when he is teething.

I'm just really shattered, am happy to BF through the night if that's what he needs, but it's the constant need to be held hungry or not, I would leave him singing in his cot if he allowed it but he gets upset on his own. I may lay off broccoli (he loves it) he has not show too many signs of wind but that still maybe waking him. I have a great DP who helps but I was just so more organised and educated with DS1, and they are so different. smile

FreelanceMama Tue 12-Feb-13 10:55:06

I ended up sleeping on the floor next to his cot a few nights because I could at least doze a bit while he was lying there awake with his music playing. Or drift off sitting next to his cot. Oh God it's awful isn't it. We still give him broccoli (or sprouts!), but earlier in the day.

At some point he did learn to settle himself to sleep (tugging his hair, stroking the cot bars or something like that) and now has a jellycat giraffe that he snuggles up to in the night (or throws around!). I was told as well not to try sleeptraining if they are teething or have a cold; I think they just want extra cuddles then. I suspect you're doing everything you can and just need to focus on survival mode until he gets through it. When our bad patch hit I did a lot more daytime PJ wearing, takeaway buying and refused to stay away from home for the night (as it makes it worse).

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