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BLW-it does work

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Sargesaweyes Tue 23-Oct-12 16:57:58

Just wanted to let anyone else who is BLW and thinking that they're not sure that it is working for them, know that finally at 14 months, ds is the wonderful independent eater the books promised!

He refused being spoon fed anything apart from yoghurt and cereal when i started weaning and so I found myself suddenly in the world of BLW. I never ever felt that he was eating enough and i was jealous of my friends easily spooning food into their willing babies mouths. All whilst ds pulled funny faces before throwing his home made goujon to the dog.

Well now (smug mummy face) he eats everything! I literally mean everything and he is getting to grips with his cutlery. Some of the spoon fed babies are starting to get a bit fussy and finally I feel like BLW from 6 months was the right thing to do. (I know he may become fussy in the future btw)

I just wanted to post this for any parents feeling a bit unsure of the whole thing (like I was) and say That in my experience it has worked smile.

HenriettaChicken Wed 24-Oct-12 10:18:28

That's so great!

We have recently started weaning, and DS really seems to prefer BLW: he's independent, spirited & opinionated & wants to hold the spoon himself so finger food really seems to be the way ahead...

Lovely to hear a success story.

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