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Am i doing it wrong?

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VioLetsMum1 Tue 23-Aug-11 15:30:55

My daughter is 5 months now and started showing the classics signs shes ready to wean. I still wasn't sure whether to start or not because when i tried tlking to my health visitor about she said i'd make her ill and she'd end up in hospital. i went on instinct though and last week, i've started giving her fruity porridge and a 6oz bottle in the morning with 7oz bottles throughout the day and a plain rusk with 6oz bottle on her feed before she sleeps. But i was talking to my sister-in-law who's baby's a month older and she said i was doing it completely wrong and she should be having jars of baby food constantly with mash and fruit juice. was she right??

mum23girlys Tue 23-Aug-11 15:37:05

Never given any of mine fruit juice to be honest. I thought it was bad for teeth!? When I started weaning my girls I've always started with some baby rice at lunchtime and then gradually added different veg or fruit to this. After a week or 2 I've started giving some porridge for breakfast made with baby's usual milk. After baby's used to this and is looking for more solid food I've then added a dinner. Either a baby jar or some homemade puree (depends how organised I am!). Then make these more lumpy as baby gets used to eating. Until my girl's were about 2 I'm pretty sure I only ever gave them water or milk to drink though.

Hope this helps

milkyjo Tue 23-Aug-11 16:30:12

Is there a nursery nurse or hv who specialises in weaning advice? You are right to start of gradually, introducing new things slowly. The Birth to Five book that you would have been given by your HV when they came to see you at 2-3 weeks has some good information in. You can also look at it on the internet on the NHS or Dept of Health websites. Here is a link

Akandra Tue 23-Aug-11 16:42:44

Well my LO is 8 months and has never had a single jar of baby food - there's a variety of ways to wean so you are not doing it wrong! The NHS website and that big book they gave you after the baby was born are the best places to start. This is the advice with medical evidence behind it and it certainly does not say you should be giving fruit juice which is bad for developing teeth.

I am doing baby led weaning (where my child feeds herself) but traditional weaning is perfectly fine whether you buy jars or make it yourself. If she objects to porridge I imagine she'd have fits over my broccoli, tuna croquettes and cream cheese sandwiches (I will point out I didn't start this type of weaning until 6 months).

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