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Snack suggestions for 26 week old

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timetosleepnow Fri 05-Aug-11 09:58:52

I think my DS2 is going through a growth spurt. He normally has a tiny appetite but has suddenly been extra hungry. He's having up to 15oz extra formula per day, including 3 meals, as he was weaned early. Last night he screamed till 9pm even though he had 11oz(!!), and the only time he stopped screaming was when I plonked him on his feeding chair and gave him food, I had to do that twice before he finally gave a happy contented burp, smiled and went to sleep quietly.

I was wondering what sort of snacks you could give to a 26 weeks old with slight reflux problems? He has all sorts of feeding issues which the doctors don't seem to be able to recognise. He shows loads of tongue tie and reflux symptoms and yet doesn't actually 'have' them. So the only thing I've been able to give him is rusk and fruits but I really don't like that as they are all so sweet. He's already developing a very sweet tooth and has started screaming during meals if it's not a fruit dish, 2 hours type screaming until I give in and give him milk/fruit with baby rice. Always thought I'm a strict parent but to be honest 1 to 2 hours screaming plus another toddler to run after, I can't help but crack.

Thanks in advance if you've got any suggestions or advice.

argghh Fri 05-Aug-11 17:48:13

try mashed sweet potato and carrot as they are relatively sweet veg and sweet potato quite filling, and should be an easy transition from the sweet things he has been enjoying. My youngest loved mashed avocado at that age too - very easy to prepare as long as they are ripe.

timetosleepnow Fri 05-Aug-11 21:13:52

Thanks! Glad I posted. I could do ripe avocado sticks and maybe even sweet potato/carrot chunks for snacks. A little bit like BLW stuff?

I still can't believe my luck but he actually had a tiny brocolli as one of his finger snacks today. Hope it's not a one off.

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