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Argh! Please help with advice in feeding 16mo DS!

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tinkerbug Sun 12-Jun-11 18:18:07

DS is 16mo and has never been a good eater. We weaned at 6 months ish and as soon as he started dropping bf his weight went from 50th percentile to 9th.
He has 3 beakers of milk a day (first thing, mid afternoon and at bedtime, about a pint a day). He loves his porridge for breakfast and shovels down loads but won't try anything else (eg Weetabix) Lunch and dinner a disaster, he will only eat toast, mini cheese sandwiches and chicken soup. He eats better at cm but here is a nightmare. Tonight he has rejected spaghetti and also veg soup. Dh says not to give him anything now as he needs to learn. Is he too young for this? Do I just keep trying and let him go hungry when he won't eat what's offered? Or do I give him anything he will eat (always eats rice cakes, breadsticks and yoghurt!) Not sure what to do for the best?!
Apologies for mammoth post, any help much appreciated!

JetLi Sun 12-Jun-11 21:07:13

I was worried about DD1's weight so I went down the route of giving her what she likes to a certain extent. Then I looked at what I could always get her to eat, and then worked out ways of bulking out the calories - so if I was you I would add something calorific to the porridge like cream/unsalted butter/mascarpone. Butter on veg, cream into the soup, full fat yogurts etc. I think he's probably a bit little yet to give him nothing - he wouldn't really understand why. Its about getting something into him I think at this age (my DD1 is 22 months). The way we play it is to always offer a bit of what we're having (I refuse to cook 2 meals). If its not eaten then she gets some bread & butter & yogurts (that being standard pudding here). His eating will improve eventually I'm sure. The other thing I do is give her vitamin syrup - I buy it at the supermarket and pop it in her water. Our local health authority recommends it here, & if they get iron deficient, then it can be linked to a loss of appetite. I tried her with horlicks as that is fortified with lots of vitamins, & I thought she would like it but no cigar. Ovaltine is also fortified if you think he would try that?

tinkerbug Sun 12-Jun-11 21:23:39

Thank you JetLi, some brilliant ideas! I think vitamin syrup might be a good idea just to check he's not lacking anything. Will also try the Horlicks / ovaltine suggestion! Thank you! smile

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