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11 mo only really wants to eat bread

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Athrawes Thu 02-Jun-11 22:26:33

My 11 mo has been a good eater, starting with purees, then mashed etc. and a good variety too. But of late he really only wants to eat french bread! Basically only wants to eat what he can grab and chew and bread fits that description. He plays with slices of apple, bits of chicken and grabs sultanas although they fall out of his fist but doesn't actually eat a lot compared to the amount that I used to be able to spoon into him. I'd like him to eat more. He was BF until a month aho but then became so fidgetty that he is now on formula 2-4 bottles a day (depending on if he has one mid night sleep).

caffinequeen Thu 02-Jun-11 23:07:43

It sounds like he might just be enjoying the independence - have you tried giving him his meal in big pieces (blw style) and letting him get stuck in? Can take a while as peas etc are picked up
Another idea is to get a fork and help him stab the food to eat that way, DD2 (10.5 mths) loves this game at the moment, it's very cute watching her try on her own too! I think the Tommee Tippee ones have nice short prongs.

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