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It's as if I've never done this before...

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ReshapeWhileDamp Wed 01-Jun-11 22:35:39

grin DS2 is 23 weeks and we've been sticking him in the bumbo and letting him see us eating for a few weeks now. He is definitely interested! He also neatly intercepted my peach a few days ago, as it was on its way to my mouth. He latched on and suckled it - very cute.

Did BLW with DS1 3 years ago. Cannot remember ANYTHING about those first months, other than that I think I used newspaper under his chair because it could all go in the compost. grin Roast sweet potatoes and steamed broccoli, I think we gave him first. And lots of soft fruit. Anyway, we'll probably start DS2 on solids in the next week or so, since he liked the peach and seems up for it. BUT - he's not sitting up independently. confused I can prop him up in the highchair, but on his own, he's not yet sitting up unaided. He's still at the slow slump phase. grin

What's best, if we want to offer him finger foods? Should we hang on until he can sit up unaided, or will he be ok propped up? I presume the unaided sitting thing isn't just because it's easier for them to eat lumpy bits if they're upright, but because it indicates a general readiness to cope with solid finger foods, rather than puree?

MmeBlueberry Wed 01-Jun-11 22:38:31

We always just sat ours in the high chair and let them reach out for food. When they we interested, we put a few items on the tray.

TheSkiingGardener Wed 01-Jun-11 22:43:02

The sitting upright is one of the things that happens about the same time as their gut maturing, so nothing to do with whether you BLW or purée. Another one is losing the tongue thrust reflex I believe and I forget the third.

If you think he is ready present him with soft bits and see what he does! Under 6 months I think avoid wheat and dairy. Veg and fruit are the easiest way to go

Albrecht Thu 02-Jun-11 16:03:33

I think the sitting thing is being ready on the oustide = ready on the inside and that slumping might be a choking risk. More here

I'd give it a few more weeks personally. In the meantime a teaspoon to bang around and suck was popular here. And yes to something under the highchair. Also found a crinkle cutter good to help them handle slimey fruit and veg. And a pot of paint ready to redecorate once they've finally stopped throwing food...

ReshapeWhileDamp Thu 02-Jun-11 19:14:39

I never thought of a crinkle cutter the first time round! There was a slightly elaborate idea (from the BLW website? or maybe the book) about coating slippery food, like mango slices, in bran to make them textured and easier to handle, but we never did. DS1 became very adept, very fast, at holding the mango slice by the peel and gumming the flesh until only peel was left. Looking forward to offering DS2 mango - it is fab BLW food!

Albrecht Fri 03-Jun-11 10:51:01

Got mine for a quid on Amazon, think its really helped him with all manner of things. Dh got all nostalgic about his dad making chips in the 70s!

Yes mango is fab, ds will bring his head down to gnaw the stone on the tray table like a little wild beast. grin

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