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Can a PS2 game be played on a PS3

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StrictlyBoogying Tue 15-Dec-09 23:23:10

I'm clearly an idiot and suggested my brother buy DH a PS2 game when he's got a PS3. Duh! It was bought abroad so can't be returned. Is it totally useless?

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redandgreen Tue 15-Dec-09 23:29:20

No, should be fine. Other way round is a no.

exexpat Tue 15-Dec-09 23:33:41

Only problem is that, as far as I know, playstation software is regionalised (like DVDs) so depending on where overseas it was bought it may not be compatible. We have a PS2 bought where we were living abroad which will not play UK-bought software. Don't know about PS3, but if they thought it was worth regionalising before, it seems unlikely to have changed...

StrictlyBoogying Wed 16-Dec-09 15:35:03

Ah. So like DVDs games bought in the US may not play here. Well, only nine days until we find out. Thank you!

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