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Why I gave up being vegan - BBC News

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EnidNextDoor Tue 05-Sep-17 21:19:45

I thought the advice given to the ex vegans was very bad, they were told to start eating meat again rather than to look at their vegan diet and improve it.

EnidNextDoor Tue 05-Sep-17 21:20:25

JoJoSM2 Fri 08-Sep-17 23:45:14

The article is a bit shallow and pins people's problems onto veganism instead of looking at how poor their diet must have been.

PhelanGood Thu 12-Oct-17 10:09:34

Some people genuinely do suffer poor health on even the most balanced vegan diet. We are all different. However I agree, ways of improving the diet should obviously be looked at first if someone's ethics are important to them, the doctor's instant suggestions were callous and ignorant. Why skip straight to meat instead of suggesting backyard eggs etc? It's sad that veganism doesn't work for everyone though.

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