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London places to eat/things to do??

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georgeclooneyfan Thu 08-Oct-09 22:29:37

We are staying in London from 20th October for 6 nights with dd(10) and ds(8)and are looking for things to do with them? Does anyone know of any good shows to see that would be suitable for all of us?? We were thinking maybe Southbank to watch street entertainers, boat down the Thames, aquarium not sure which is best, musuems etc? I would also be grateful for any ideas of places to eat please that are reasonably priced . Thanks in advance

nancy75 Thu 08-Oct-09 22:34:50

wicked is meant to be really good - theatre tickets are pricey but you can get really good deals at the last minute ticket booth in leicester square.
Where are you staying? if you travel into central london by train your tickets get you 2-4-1 entry in to london zoo, aquarium and loads of other places.
this site often has deals for eating out they change all the time so keep checking.

the natural history and science museums are the best (in my opinion)
this site is also good to see if there are any special things going on

georgeclooneyfan Thu 08-Oct-09 22:40:17

Thanks nancy75 we are staying near knightsbridge the musuems are on the top of our list and we are hoping they are in walking distance from where we are staying. We went years ago before we had kids and they were good then. Thanks for the advice about the train tickets and vouchers will have a look at those websites.

SwineFlu Thu 08-Oct-09 22:42:36

aquarium good
london eye ace, not sure if you still need to book
Southbank has lots of good places to eat, wagamamas, giraffe (food not ace, but great for kids) can't remember others, but lots.
Covent Garden brilliant for street entertainers
St James' park to feed the ducks/pelicans
history and science museums but NOT at weekend
Borough Market, Friday and Saturday. go early if you choose saturday, have lunch there and walk along the river to Tate Modern which is really good, go to the family desk and they have loads of arty activities to do whilst you look around, and there might be a new exhibition in the turbine hall which is always v child friendly.
They'll love Camden.
Spitalfields good Sunday, and wander along from there to Brick Lane
Where are you staying?

Ivykaty44 Thu 08-Oct-09 22:44:46

There is a place of the Haymarket - coming from the top of the haymarket - I think it is either the second or third small turning on the left. A very small cafe style place where the food is basic English grub - consitently good and a family of 4 can eat with a jug of water four meals for £20 I think we may have had a couple of puds with custard for that aswell.


this should give you some other names to jot down

There is another thread on here with things to do cheap or free - there are some free walking tours on a DIY basis and around a cemeetry with famous gravestones.

Museums are free - the science, Victoria and Albert are next door to each other so a couple of hours in each.

The imperial war museum is a tube ride - get of at the elephant and castle, from there you can walk to the Imperail or walk to the wheel.

nancy75 Thu 08-Oct-09 22:45:01

tower of london is also good if you have time, you can get the boat at the london eye and get off at tower bridge (you can walk it but more fun by boat)

Ivykaty44 Thu 08-Oct-09 22:46:35

Is your dd 10 - doing the home front at school? The Imperail War museum is worth a trip if she is doing the home front.

georgeclooneyfan Fri 09-Oct-09 11:30:45

Thanks again for all your ideas they sound great, have already been printing out information on them!We are flying down from Scotland so we want to make the most of it as the flight prices are high, although we don't want our wear ourselves out like we usually do. thanks

missslc Fri 09-Oct-09 21:17:17

pizza express always good and you can get half price vouchers on martin lewis' money saving website- there is one on the south bank and one across waterloo bridge next to somerset house which has great fountains that the kids run in and out of in the summer- you can sit in the courtyard and have a picnic or sit looking out on the river.

Rainforest cafe on haymarket very popular with kids too.
Tate modern- a 15 min walk along southbank offers free activities to do with art- check out their website.

Have a great time- london is a great place to visit with kids.

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