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funtimewincies Wed 02-Sep-09 20:08:37

I'm hoping that the MN jury can come up trumps grin.

Dh has a 'big' birthday next February and we're looking at getting a large group of old friends together. Ou house is small so we thought about hiring a house/cottage for the weekend. We live in North Wales and will have a new baby so don't want to travel too far, but all the friends will becoming from England, so further into Wales would be a long drive for some.

Does anyone know of a property which caters for large groups (10+), will take bookings for February and is within a couple of hours at most drive of the Welsh border?

A bit specific, I know, but I'm struggling to find anywhere.

funtimewincies Wed 02-Sep-09 20:11:31

Ignore this please, I've posted again with a more helpful title blush!

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