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Which Featherdown Farm????

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SqueezyDiva Sun 12-Jul-09 10:27:17

A friend and I will be taking our 4 kids (4-7years old) and a puppy for 3 night mid-week break in early september.

We are based in West London and so I have narrowed our options down to:

Manor Farm (1 hour away);
Belle Vue (Wiltshire);
Mount Pleasant (Dorset) and
Sunninglye (Kent).

Any expereinces or advice to share as to which we'd enjoy most? My daughter hates walking too far and our sons are hyperactive. Good weather prospects and a safe play area that remains interesting for at least 2 days would be good.

Any suggestions?

Kiwinyc Mon 20-Jul-09 22:18:37

We went to Manor Farm at May half-term and loved it, but i am willing to bet that they are all similiar, and all good.

There was plenty of safe, running around space at Manor Farm for my 6 & 3yo DD's and the friends they made in the adjoining tents to race around in, and there were trees to climb, llamas to visit, lambs to feed etc. We are in NW london and Manor Farm was v. easy to get to and there are lots of things a 45mins drive away in the New Forest, we went to Beaulieu Car Museum one day, the Owl & Otter Sanctuary one another, visited Portsmith a third day and went to the Little Chef in Popham (the one thats been made over by Heston Blumenthal) on the way home!

We are keen to try another, but will probably go north to Leicestershire next time.

shubiedoo Tue 21-Jul-09 20:55:45

Thread hijack! kiwi, is it still OK for us to borrow your travel cot next week? I've posted on the other thread from before.

SqueezyDiva Mon 27-Jul-09 16:48:02

thanks kiwiinc

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