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Baby friendly hotel in UK with Swimming Pool

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LisaClapham Tue 13-Jan-09 11:40:04

Hi, I am looking for a lovely hotel in the UK - within 3 to 4 hours drive of London to spend a week at. I have a 3 month old son. Ideally we would like something 4 or 5 star with a large swimming pool as we are both keen swimmers. We are looking for a hotel in a nice location with places to visit in the day and nice restaurants in the hotel or v nearby as we have the baby. can anyone recommend a suitable place?

PuzzleRocks Tue 13-Jan-09 13:03:33

Bumping for you.

dinkystinky Tue 13-Jan-09 20:24:20

Cowley Manor, The Elms (a luxury famil hotel so you can enjoy the MN discount) and Fowey Hall (again LFH) all meet your criteria - and can definitely recommend them. They're not cheap though but can do nice midweek deals...

fifitot Tue 13-Jan-09 20:56:55

Langdale Hotel and Country Club in the Lake District. Might be slightly too far for you but it's in a lovely area with a nice pool and you can get special offers if you sign up to their web site. Loads to do up there and the scenery is fab.

As well as a pool they have an on site health and beauty spa thing and various fitness activities. There is a small soft play area and some kids activities in the pool.

Worth a look at their site (don't know address but can google it of course).

saggyhairyarse Tue 13-Jan-09 22:29:52

Bourton on the Water is lovely to visit as are the rest of the Cotswolds.

MollieO Wed 14-Jan-09 11:20:00

Sandbanks Hotel,Dorset. Has lovely beach too.

LisaClapham Wed 14-Jan-09 13:45:34

hi, thanks for all the recommendations. All the hotels look lovely. I think we may try Cowley Manor. How do I get a MN discount?

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