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Orf to the big smoke with the DDs. Give us something new to do please. Can't stand the scienc museum again.

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DecayingDisaster Tue 28-Oct-08 08:33:52

Go fairly often to stay with glamerous city type sister (i'm country bumpkin type relative). DDs are 10 and 12.
have done most big attractions.
we plan to go to the zoo because DD is doing a project about gorillas (and ilike any excuse to visit them) . DD1 wants to do the portrait gallery because despite my efforts she's a geek.
what else can we do? cheap as poss?

GrapefruitMoon Tue 28-Oct-08 08:41:39

Are all museums out or just the science one? The Museum of London (all about London as you might guess!) is good (and free!)

You can catch a boat along the river between the Tate Modern & Tate Britain - you get a reduced price if you already have a Travelcard.

Walk around Borough Market (you could get lunch from one of the stalls)

The Horniman Museum is a bit further out (south London) but has a free aquariom

2sugars Tue 28-Oct-08 08:50:38

My sister and I have offloaded dds (2) and d'nephew to London with Nanny. Poor thing - I'm going to ring in a minute and see how it went. They're aiming for ... was it the Platetarium or the Acquarium ... either way, it's near Tower Bridge and a devil to get to on public transport, but Mum's up for it.

Any good?

filz Tue 28-Oct-08 08:51:29

i really like the portrait gallery

I was less than impressed with the zoo tbh

DecayingDisaster Tue 28-Oct-08 08:51:54

oh planets good. will google.

UnquietDad Tue 28-Oct-08 08:53:19

Is the Planetarium still the way it was or did they go with that utterly shitty idea of making "Celeb constellation" faces or whatever it was?

Littlefish Tue 28-Oct-08 08:56:09

Museum of Childhood in Bethnall Green is supposed to be fantastic. My sister goes there all the time with her 2 ds's

Littlefish Tue 28-Oct-08 08:56:47

Transport museum?
Imperial War Museum (some interesting exhibitions there)

PortAndDemon Tue 28-Oct-08 08:57:31

Old planetarium closed, I think, but Greenwich Observatory have opened a new one in Greenwich Park. Haven't been yet, but is on my to do list.

Maybe a boat trip on the river?

MegBusset Tue 28-Oct-08 08:59:09

Get boat or tube to Greenwich and wander round the park and the market. Walk through the foot tunnel to the Isle of Dogs and get the DLR back into town.

ShyandRetiring Tue 28-Oct-08 08:59:59

i fancy the Tate
or how aabout camden market
covent garden?

DecayingDisaster Tue 28-Oct-08 09:05:25

will be starting from greenwich. will look at boats. and greenwich observatory

ShyandRetiring Tue 28-Oct-08 09:08:27

isnt there a museum near euston station, a body one, is it this?

looks good

2sugars Tue 28-Oct-08 09:31:56

Fleeces and boat trip?

2sugars Tue 28-Oct-08 09:33:31

BTW, London Zoo is pants, according to my sister (who has a 12yo boy)

DecayingDisaster Tue 28-Oct-08 09:33:53

and hats/scarvesgloves. it is bloody freezing isn't it

Ali4cotswolds Tue 28-Oct-08 13:43:46

London Aquariaum - 1/2 price during 1/2 term and on-line discount!
Imax cinema - 2 min walk from Waterloo station ( not cheap but amazing )

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