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Anyone done the Latitude Festival with kids?

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CapricaSix Wed 14-May-08 13:31:44

Guardian says it is the best child-friendly festival. Sis wants to go and has asked if us & our friends want to go. None of them have children though. Bit worried... never camped with dd either, can't really imagine how it'd work... she's 4.8.

Any thoughts/experiences?

downbutnotout Wed 14-May-08 13:34:11

My friend went last year with her dd (4) and had a great time. Latitude is very good for families - there are kids events in the morning.

This year my family, our next door neighbours and my friend who went last year will all be going, and so will loads more families we know. You'll have a great time. (You might want to camp in the family field though!)

downbutnotout Wed 14-May-08 13:37:47

I should add that it'll be our first time camping with dd (4) too, but I'm hoping that she'll be carried along by the adventure!

Boco Wed 14-May-08 13:40:52

Yes I went last year with two dds, who were 4 and 2. It was fantastic, very very child friendly. There's a children's area open all day with activities, then in the evening there are owl and bat walks through the woods, and den making by torch light - dds both loved it. They both stayed up for the bands too and just flopped when tired. We had a really good weekend and would love to go this year but unfortunately can't.
You'll have a wonderful time!

CapricaSix Wed 14-May-08 17:07:45

Sounds excellent!
Just wondering how I'll cope really, i've always been a strict bedtime person, bedtime routine, story, no getting up, etc, can't imagine how dd would get to sleep in a tent! But as you say, it's holiday time, special occasion, and if a group of us go i'll have lots of help anyway.

Thanks! Will discuss with my friends...

downbutnotout Wed 14-May-08 18:38:40

I know - I'm pretty strict on bedtime routines most of the time, but (obviously) it won't hurt to relax things for few days. Hope you have a great time!

CapricaSix Wed 14-May-08 20:13:54

Another quick question, how much spending money do you need? Do you have to pay for the activities or are they free (or included in the price)? How much did you spend? I'm a single mum so on a v tight budget!

downbutnotout Thu 15-May-08 22:16:48

As far as I know it's all free but I can't say for sure - anyone else?

CapricaSix Fri 16-May-08 18:37:46

Thanks. I'm getting quite excited, having talked about the practicalities with my sister. I can't wait to tell dd, she'll be really excited, but i'm waiting till it's all definite.

Boco Fri 16-May-08 18:41:37

Yes activities all free.
just money for food and drink but you can take lots and save that way.

hewlettsdaughter Fri 16-May-08 19:11:57

I really fancy this one. I don't think your link takes you to the right website though, CapricaSix. Try here.

CapricaSix Sat 17-May-08 07:52:46

oh oops, yes you're right! blush

CapricaSix Mon 21-Jul-08 20:32:03

Hello everyone, thought I'd revisit this to let you know we had a FANTASTIC time this weekend! Family camping was all booked up so we camped near to where the coach had dropped us off, prob the furthest away from where it was all happening (quieter and less pulling suitcases over muddy fields, but a lengthy walk to the action) but in spite of that, we just had so much fun, mixture of playing in the kids area & dd also loved coming to see the bands too!

It was such a great time, best time i've had since dd was born, i'd recommend it to anyone and we will certainly be trying to go again if i can get my friends to come with us again. dd said she wanted to stay there forever grin.

What are the toilets like in the Family Camping area? I heard a rumour there is a proper toilet block there but i could be wrong?

By the way were any of you at the Children's Book at Bedtime in the Literary Tent at 7pm Sunday evening?

Boco Mon 21-Jul-08 20:37:53

Hello - we had a fantastic time too - didn't it look magical with the flowers and lights on the bridges and the fountain and the way the trees adn lake all lit up - we went to the party in the woods at night which the kids loved.

Did you visit the suffolk wildlife trust bit in the children's area - that's where I worked some of the time doing craft.

Yes, the toilets in the family camping were fab - flushable proper cubicles and regularly cleaned and sinks with water and mirrors. Long drops were a bit scary when dangling a three year old.

bossykate Mon 21-Jul-08 20:39:08

i really fancy doing this next time!

CapricaSix Mon 21-Jul-08 21:06:45

Boco - envy re toilets. I am SO doing Family camping next time then!!! We were thinking of going along and seeing if they could fit us in but couldn't face the trek with all our luggage!

Didn't know about the party in the woods. In the kids area we were mainly in the little houses and on the bouncy things, and the book corner a couple of times. We went on the bat hunt on Saturday night, oh and the parade. We weren't very good at getting info about the kids activities to be honest, we only spent a couple of hours in the mornings there then went off to see bands etc. The kids area could do with being a bit bigger I think, it was pretty crazy there at times!

CapricaSix Mon 21-Jul-08 21:12:58

Boco - i just thought, on Saturday sometime after midday I went to the Suffolk Wildlife Trust tent to ask about pond dipping but it was booked up, the lady there mentioned the bat hunt... i wonder if that was you! She was sitting down on the left (if facing the stall). grin

Boco Mon 21-Jul-08 21:14:39

Not sure, I was sitting on the rugs in front of the stall making dragon flies and butterflies and head dresses and things. Was working saturday afternoon though so could have been.

Amphibimum Mon 21-Jul-08 22:58:22

no way! so ive probably seen the real boco in the flesh, but never knowed it grin
we booked to do pond dipping, but never turned up blush

CapricaSix Tue 22-Jul-08 09:41:57

tut tut - dd was upset she couldn't do it! It looked fun. Kinda our fault for not being organised enough though...

cockles Tue 21-Jul-09 08:53:18

We did pond dipping, but nothing really to be dipped! had a great time though. Night noise was incredible in family camping though - seemed to be thundering bass from the cider garden til dawn. Did anyone else find that or am I just Too Old For This?
Ds slept through every late night concert in buggy, but I worried about not having earmuffs - will sort that next time.

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