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MissMarpletheMurderer Fri 25-Oct-19 18:45:19

Please help. Which would be best Premier inn. I want to go to Twickenham and into London to the NH museum and the British Museum. I've never been to London I will drive to Premier Inn but want to use public transport for the three days.,%20Whitton%20Road,%20Twickenham,%20UK&PLACEID=ChIJ8-pv7-0MdkgRpJz5bMhoDqk&ARRdd=1&ARRmm=2&ARRyyyy=2020&NIGHTS=3&ROOMS=1&ADULT1=2&CHILD1=2&COT1=0&INTTYP1=FAM&BOOKINGCHANNEL=WEB&SORT=1&VIEW=2

Please help

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MissMarpletheMurderer Fri 25-Oct-19 18:45:32,%20Whitton%20Road,%20Twickenham,%20UK&PLACEID=ChIJ8-pv7-0MdkgRpJz5bMhoDqk&ARRdd=1&ARRmm=2&ARRyyyy=2020&NIGHTS=3&ROOMS=1&ADULT1=2&CHILD1=2&COT1=0&INTTYP1=FAM&BOOKINGCHANNEL=WEB&SORT=1&VIEW=2

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MissMarpletheMurderer Fri 25-Oct-19 18:46:36

Sorry don't want the Twickenham one as not available on the date I need.

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stucknoue Fri 25-Oct-19 19:05:18

Your best option is to park on the outskirts, take public transport in and stay in South Kensington/Gloucester rd area. I recommend the millennium hotel Gloucester rd. county hall premier inn is central but no parking there either

MissMarpletheMurderer Fri 25-Oct-19 19:33:46

Thank you, without sounding like an idiot is that the underground? I live very rurally, we don't even have taxis

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onetimeonlyy Fri 25-Oct-19 19:36:45

Twickenham is miles out I wouldn't stay there. As PP suggested maybe stay south Kensington then you can walk. What else do you plan to do?

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