Greenwich or southbank with a toddler

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Cantsleeppast3am Mon 01-Jul-19 22:17:14

Hi all! Off to London tomorrow with my 3yo and pretty undecided on where best to head to! We're staying in Greenwich so either is ok travel wise. Just wondering if anyone knows of anything special that we could head to??

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fridaseyebrows Mon 01-Jul-19 22:48:14

My vote would be for Greenwich - The maritime museum has an amazing indoor play area - and the playground in Greenwich park is pretty good too. The planetarium there also does a show for little ones - sometimes you need to book but best to check the website for what’s on. DLR is great with little ones as you can sit right up front - there’s a farm in Mudchute which is also just a few stops on the DLR. I always like the Gypsy Moth pub for lunch and quite kid friendly there too.

Cantsleeppast3am Tue 02-Jul-19 05:05:12

Thanks very much!

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Cantsleeppast3am Tue 02-Jul-19 08:48:06

Bumping for more suggestions?!

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Pieceofpurplesky Tue 02-Jul-19 09:56:34

As you are In Greenwich I would stay there. South Bank can get ridiculously busy. You can also go on a boat up the Thames in to London which my DS always loved

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