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Tups Fri 20-Jul-07 13:01:29

We are going to Blackpool next Friday till Monday. Searched and searched the net, we have been before (pre daughter). Daughter is 3.8 yrs. Sparkle Hotel (themed hotel) looks great but can not get through as phone line not accepting incoming calls for some reason. May go to the Imperial (been there before) but not too sure.
We are looking for a family room for 2 adults 1 child, want our daughter to have a proper bed and not a camp bed!
Anyone got any ideas or recommendations?
Really difficult when you look on the net as never too sure, I dd want the Hilton but at £487 for 3 nights my other half sid no, i did explain it had the internet and a playstation 3 etc... he said maybe next time!!

Theresa Fri 20-Jul-07 15:20:38

We go to Blackpool quite a lot and always stay in a travelodge, there is one by airport whihc we usually use, (not too far from south pier) but for October we've managed to book the one near to the pleasure beach. I read an article about the sparkle hotel a few years ago and really fancied it but it was quite expensive. Anyway a year or so ago there was a programme on channel 4 a bit like the one where Gordon Ramsey sorts out struggling restaurants but it was for hotels and this hotel was on it and it looked truly awful, really scruffy and the women seemed a bit of a nutter. One of the rooms was meant to be a barblie theme and it consisted manly of loads of barbie dolls absolutely everywhere. I wouldn't even consider it! Have you looked on tripadvisor?

Theresa Fri 20-Jul-07 15:22:57

Reading over your message afain, the travelodge rooms for four are great, you get a proper double bed, a sofa bed and another bed that slides out from u8nderneath the double, ours are 5 & 8 and we're all tall and it's fine. It's usually about £50 per night but they have had offers on. If you are looking for something more expensive with extras the one that is part of the pleasure beach (The Big Blue?) has had very good reviews and i think has playstations etc

Fimbo Fri 20-Jul-07 15:28:34

I think Bubblerock used to own a hotel in Blackpool - she might be able to recommend some to you. Keep this bumped.

virgo Fri 20-Jul-07 15:32:33

Have you looked at Sparkles? - Its a children 'themed' hotel.

I haven't been ( as my parents live near Blackpool!) but it has good tripadvisor reviews.

virgo Fri 20-Jul-07 15:35:00

Theresa - just read your thread lol - - guess I should remove my last post!

Judd Fri 20-Jul-07 15:53:46

There's a De Vere hotel as well, by Stanley Park so about 10mins away from town centre. The Norbreck Castle is also a big one, that's north promenade area.
Can't think of any more (I'm from Blackpool so have never really taken much notice! (except I was a chambermaid at the Hilton when I was 18))

Theresa Sat 21-Jul-07 09:41:31

If tripadvisor has good reports of the sparkle hotel, maybe it has improved! (but i still think the owner was very strange!)

Tups Tue 24-Jul-07 12:48:23

Thanks everyone!
We have booked the Imperial Hotel (North Promenade), we stayed there a few years back so am hoping it's still just as nice. We really couldn't make up our minds! DP did not want to go to Sparkles, he hated the idea!!
We'll have a nosey around when we get there and see for next time.
Thanks again and keep your fingers crossed for good weather !!! lol !!

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