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UK Lodge Type Stays for One

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PasteSandwiches Thu 07-Feb-19 22:05:27

Hi, I have big plans to take a week off work and have a week all to myself, somewhere relaxing. I'm thinking some sort of little self catering lodge type arrangement. Cosy, clean and with reasonable access to shops and good countryside or a bit of seaside (I have a car). A woodburner would be perfect but isn't a deal breaker. I just need a little break to catch up on my books and breath some good air. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Macaroonmayhem Thu 07-Feb-19 22:08:41

That sounds great! What part of the country?

PasteSandwiches Fri 08-Feb-19 07:47:27

Hi, I live in the Midlands so am fairly flexible although I'd prefer no more than four hours drive which probably knocks out the country's extremities l.

Disfordarkchocolate Fri 08-Feb-19 07:51:58

I wish i was you 😀

If I was use I'd look in the Lake District. Lots of wonderful accommodation there. If you want to be near some facilities Coniston, Grasmere and Keswick are great places to visit.

anniehm Fri 08-Feb-19 08:07:24

We stayed in a lovely place near great longstone, Derbyshire - woodburner and very cosy (for 2 and a dog in our case) sorry don't have the address on my phone.

Disfordarkchocolate Fri 08-Feb-19 08:57:47

This is lovely site

The staff are lovely too and the site is very clean. You can walk into Ashbourne but you'd have to be quite fit to walk back up the hill.

PasteSandwiches Fri 08-Feb-19 10:06:19

Thank you for your suggestions, I'm googling away at these as we speak.

PasteSandwiches Sat 09-Feb-19 16:03:34

Apologies for the change of direction but having looked at a few places in the lake district and Derbyshire (both have such lovely countryside). I'm now thinking more of a small cottage (with a lot burner/real fire). A lot I've seen are for families or bigger parties so I'd really appreciate any recommendations for cosy cottages. Thank you to everyone who has suggested places to go, it's certainly narrowed down where i want to go.

Disfordarkchocolate Sat 09-Feb-19 16:23:10

Coppermines is a good company for cottages near Coniston, they were very good to book through. I don't think the cottage we had is what you're looking for though.

PlatinumBrunette Sat 09-Feb-19 16:27:54

I have this saved in my ‘I can dream’ folder - A bit different but may have something you like.

Disfordarkchocolate Sat 09-Feb-19 16:31:02
This is saved in mine.

JennyHolzersGhost Sat 09-Feb-19 16:32:59

Sally’s Cottages in the Lake District have some lovely small cottages.

JennyHolzersGhost Sat 09-Feb-19 16:33:28

Happyinheels Sat 09-Feb-19 16:33:29

I second the Canopy and Stars website - some incredible places on there!

Mondaytiredeyes Sat 09-Feb-19 16:36:07

Yorkshire dales?

Mondaytiredeyes Sat 09-Feb-19 16:37:16

Richmond is lovely

FortunaMajor Sat 09-Feb-19 16:42:46

Have a look at the National Trust website. They have a lot of holiday cottage rentals as well as campsites with yurts etc.

PasteSandwiches Sat 09-Feb-19 18:34:29

A very genuine thank you to you all. I'll be taking a look tonight and tomorrow.

Tawdrylocalbrouhaha Sat 09-Feb-19 18:38:25

God that sounds lovely. I am going to browse all the recommended places and daydream about a week of peaceful reading and walking.

Neilsfavouritechilli Mon 11-Mar-19 10:50:43

Hi all, thanks for all your advice and suggestions. I've booked a fabulous little cottage in the Cotswolds with a wood burner, fabulous copper bath and a decent little kitchen. I managed to get it for £300 for the week. I just need to save some spending money and dig out my books.

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