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Harbourside villages for s/c recommendations

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tobee Fri 10-Aug-18 16:41:53

Dh and I are continuing a theme of staying in self catering cottages in October.

Which harbourside towns/villages would people recommend please? Lots of results have come up with Brixham but I've heard iffy reports?


JeremyCorbynsBeard Fri 10-Aug-18 17:01:57

We've stayed in Dartmouth, which was lovely, in an apartment overlooking the river.

Also Lymington in Hampshire, which has a huge marina.

Ricekrispie22 Fri 10-Aug-18 18:31:45

Mousehole in Cornwall is gorgeous once the main tourist season is over.
Clovelly, North Devon
Craster, Northumberland
Port Isaac, Cornwall

tobee Fri 10-Aug-18 19:02:41

Thank you for ideas.

Love Mousehole! Holidayed there many times. Might need to go again. 🤔

PotteringAlong Fri 10-Aug-18 19:03:27


Harken53rig Fri 10-Aug-18 19:07:39

West Bay, Dorset

Harken53rig Fri 10-Aug-18 19:11:50

Lyme Regis

applecatchers36 Fri 10-Aug-18 19:15:49


Northumberlandlass Fri 10-Aug-18 19:16:50

Yep, Craster.
Low Newton is lovely too for sc

tobee Fri 10-Aug-18 19:27:13

Great, thanks! Be busy online looking tonight. smile

Minniemountain Fri 10-Aug-18 21:31:41


RobinEggs Fri 10-Aug-18 21:33:11

Brixham is great - loads to do, get a boat across to Torquay/ Dartmouth. If you’re looking for somewhere to rent pm me grin

SealSong Fri 10-Aug-18 21:41:52

Robin Hood's Bay, or Staithes, North Yorkshire.
Gardenstown, Tobermory or Plockton, Scotland.

Theworldisfullofgs Fri 10-Aug-18 21:44:37

Anstruther near st Andrews

Plockton near the isle of Skye.

CherryPavlova Fri 10-Aug-18 21:51:34

Dartmouth but town not village
West Wittering

tulipbee Fri 10-Aug-18 21:57:24

Dartmouth is lovely

twoheaped Fri 10-Aug-18 21:58:55

Staithes, North Yorkshire.

PersilOrAriel Fri 10-Aug-18 21:59:26

Ilfracombe? Great working harbour.

RhythmNBooze Fri 10-Aug-18 22:01:59

St Mawes in Cornwall.

tobee Sat 11-Aug-18 00:46:06

Oh wow, thanks for all the suggestions.

thenewaveragebear1983 Sat 11-Aug-18 01:12:17

Tenby (but more of a town than a village)
Bideford, Devon (again, town)

applecatchers36 Sat 11-Aug-18 08:27:17

Lots of gorgeous ones in Pembrokeshire
New Quay
Newport (West Wales)

Vebrithien Sat 11-Aug-18 08:29:36

Watchet - mentioned in Lorna Doone.

tobee Sun 12-Aug-18 11:39:36

Ah! Went to the Welsh coast in summer and was fab.

This lot could keep us going for years! Thank you!

YouCalled Mon 13-Aug-18 11:05:07

This was a lovely cottage in Polruan
Take the little ferry over to more expensive Fowey. wink

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